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“Dudu-Poms” Puppies Fight for DJ Cuppy’s pink wig

DJ cuppy

Nigerian disc jockey and producer, DJ Cuppy, shared a beautiful video of her “Dudu-Poms” puppies on her Instagram page, which is followed by over 16.6 million followers.

The video shows the two puppies tearing into the daughter of Nigerian billionaire Femi Otedola, Dj cuppy pink wig.


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Several netizens reacted to the video with various comments, some stating that Cuppy has no worries.
“Cuppy na lowkey comedian.”
“Cuppy no get problem.”
“I feel say na she give them.”
“When money is plenty.”

The “Gelato” crooner looked gorgeous in her new short hairstyle as she posed in several photos.

DJ cuppy

The daughter of billionaire Femi Otedola was out with her friends, noting that she had a great time.

When the musician returned home, she appeared to have removed her wig and dropped it somewhere.

One of her puppies, “Dudu,” found the wig and the other “Poms” joined him and they were both running off with the “hairdo” in their mouths. Cuppy’s voice was heard as she ran after the two little beasts and told them to drop her wig. When she finally recovered, “Dudu” faced “Poms” and began to fight him.

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