18 People Share The Dumbest Thing They Believed As A Child

Some of the funny Dumbest thing people believed when they were children: …


When you’re As Child There  something you believe that it’s happening in the world but Now You Grow up and Find out that it wasn’t like that, …So funny

Dumbest thing

Unlike Me I believe: Children don’t eat Eggs because it’s make them to be dull at school.

We Ask Our Audience to tell us What is the dumbest thing they believed as a child? Here’s what they said:

1. ThankGod Okoye

That when your teeth remove and you throw it on top of aluminum Zinc it will regrow.
2.. Not to cross another unrine or get disease
3.. That mamiwater come out and speak to
people then grant their request…

2. Philip Forteta

Wrong Priorities

Children don’t eat Eggs because it’s make them to be dull at school.

3. Jonathan Favour

My children church teacher once told me when I was a kid to repent that our Lord Jesus Christ would be coming in a week time, then
my mind flew. I really believed her, thinking that was true.
That woman almost gave me high BP

4. Inno Cent

We saved money inside a tin..
We checked on it everyday to see if it would multiply..
Because we heard when you save money in bank it multiplies

5. Daniel Orimidara Tovio

I shouldn’t pick any food that fall from my hand.. Satan have eat it..Hahahahahaha

6. Stephanie Iwueze

Source: Sororitylyfe

That if I swallow a seed, it’ll germinate and grow in my stomach. You can’t imagine my fear the day I swallowed an orange seed o cried through out that day.

7. Don Khalifas

1Football match between Nigeria and India.. Win 99-0
2 children don’t drink coconut water that it makes them dull in class
3 odudu calabar
4 if u swallow a fruit seed that it will grow in your stomach
5 if you are having a running stomach apply saliva to your navel to stop it
6 that rubber band sucks your blood
7 that shouldn’t eat your food if it fell on the ground cuz devil might have already eaten it Them plenty jor.

8. Ogheneovo Benedict Ojakovo

When someone bites you and you applied the excrete of a fowl that person’s teeth will decay..damn what a lie.

9. Baraq Abdulwahab

Elders can eat children

10. Chukwuemeka Isaac

Coconut water |l block my head from knowing anything. They made me not to drink it as a child.

11. LA W AL

If it’s rainy and sunny at the same time, then lioness just gave birth.
If a teacher flogs you, soak that body part inside garri and see the teacher’s hand swell up the next day
To get money, kill a Red head agama lizard, cut the head and bury it for three days, come back later to dig out your naira note.

To make a bird motionless or stand still above the sky, just hit a nail on the floor, step your big toe on it. point your index finder towards it and stretch it backward with your other index finger.

12. Idy Donald

Any seed I swallow will grow in me and boost out from my head I will be a walking tree will be plugin d fruits
with branchesn pple If I place my hand on the ground while eating
the food will not enter my tummy it going straight to the floor

13. Daisy Nthiga

That children are gifts from God,as in you just ask God for children then He drops them from heaven

14. Mercy Chomba

When I swallow a seed of a fruit it’s gonna grow on my head

15. Monjok Queendoline

If two chickens are fighting use one stick of broom dig a hole and put it,those chickens would fight to dead even when you separate they will not stop.

16. Victor E. Keyz

That India beat Nigeria 99-1 or 100-1. How did I even fall for that. Nawa oh

17. Namulondo Janet Martha

That rats give us money after plucking out a tooth

18. Idika Kalu Idika

Attention seeking

1. Don’t drink coconut water so that you’ll not have coconut head
2. Crossing someone while the person is lying down will make him/her short..

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