Eric Garcetti Daughter, Meet Maya Juanita Garcetti

Eric Garcetti Daughter Meet Maya Juanita Garcetti

Who Is Eric Garcetti?

Eric Garcetti is the 42nd and current mayor of Los Angeles, having taken office in 2013. He was elected as a member of the Democratic Party in 2013 and was re-elected in 2017.

Eric Garcetti Daughter Meet Maya Juanita Garcetti

Eric Garcetti and Maya Juanita Garcetti

Garcetti, a former member of the Los Angeles City Council, was City Council President from 2006 to 2012. He is the city’s first elected Jewish mayor and its second Mexican American mayor in a row.

Who Maya Juanita Garcetti?

Maya Juanita Garcetti is the only child of Eric Garcetti and his lovely wife, Amy Wakeland. In 2020, Maya tested positive for the deadly COVID-19 disease.

Eric Garcetti confirming the news at that time said;

“We had her tested for COVID-19 after she came down with a fever, and her findings came back positive.”


President Joe Biden nominated Garcetti as the United States Ambassador to India in July 2021, but by May 2022, it was clear that Garcetti would not receive the necessary Senate votes for confirmation.