Eric Rohan Justin Biography, Residence, Stalking Activities and The Aftermath

Eric Rohan Justin was stranger from the internet who showed up at the family doorstep of a tiktoker to kill her.

Profile Summary

Full Name Eric Rohan Justin
Gender Male
Residential Area Ellicott City, Maryland
Occupation Tiktoker and Gamer
Famous as the evil stalker of Ava Majury
The Stalked Ava Majury

 Who is Eric Rohan Justin?

Eric Justin was an 18-year-old from Ellicott City, Maryland. He is a persistent tiktoker of Ava Majury. He is always noticed to being a tad bit too persistent on her TikTok comments.


His username was EricJustin111.

Who is Ava Majury?

Ava Majury is a14 year old celebrity teenage tiktoker who had a male stalker that visited her house with an intention of killing her.

Ava started using the TikTok app in 2020 when she was just 13 years old. She currently has over a million devotees streamed north of three totally unique entertainment websites. Essentially, until the last part of the movies she is made to sing, move, or engage in reasonable jokes about her loved ones.

What Did Eric Rohan Do To Draw Ava’s Attention?

The extent to which Justin was obsessed with Ava was quite extreme, as he was also reported to have logged onto a classmate’s school account and did homework in exchange for information about Ava.

After he got the needed information, Justin also messaged her via Snapchat and on Instagram, he even turned up in online games she played with her brothers.

Her family also reportedly allowed Ava to sell photos of just her face to Justin for “about $300 for two photos.”

How Far Did Eric Rohan Justin Go and What are the Consequences of His Actions?

On July 10, 2020 Justin allegedly showed up at the Majury’s family home in Naples, Florida with a shotgun. Justin reportedly “blew open” the Majury family’s front door, but his weapon then jammed.

Ava’s father, 51, Rob Majury, who is a retired police lieutenant, immediately chased him off but stumbled. He later told the police officials that he went back inside the home to grab his handgun, and then stood guard at the family’s front door awaiting for Justin to return.

When the gunman returned a short time later, Rob reportedly ordered the teen to drop his gun. When Justin instead pointed it at him, Rob shot him.

The internet stalker, Eric Rohan Justin died after being shot by Majury.


After the incident, Ava family have been extra careful with what happens around her and who she meets. That aside, Ava is reportedly gaining “thousands of dollars in sponsorship deals” on TikTok.

She has also gained the attention from Hollywood producers as well as reality TV producers for her story. The fame she has gained from TikTok has trickled into other social media apps as well.

Ava is also gaining sponsorship deals on Instagram and Snapchat, too.

“Her creations, her contacts, her videos became such a big part of her that to take it away would have been hard,” her father told the NY Times.


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