This Photo of Eudoxie Yao and Grand M Shakes The World

Picture of  Ivorian Model ,Cum Businesswoman , Eudoxie Yao and Grand M that Shakes the Social media.

Visiting Abidjan, for personal reasons, Grand M does not display everywhere with the Ivorian stars. One of his releases that has caught the attention of Netizen is a photo of him with Ms. Moussa Kaba aka Eudoxie Yao

Not only the photo has caused strong reactions but sowed doubt in the hearts of Netizen . On the platforms, the two stars have been the subject of discussion. Questions have also flowed in the comments.

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Photo of Eudoxie and Grand M

Rival of Moussa Kaba (Big P), does he not have a plan B? Does he want to snatch Eudoxie from Grand P? A dream of Grand M coming true?

Given the way in which Internet users are agitating and want to know at all costs what happens, the Ivorian bimbo returned and took care to dot the “I”.

“They say I love the BIG ones. Or is it the BIG ones who love me? He is the Big M of Mali but my love is Big P,” wrote Eudoxie Yao on his Facebook page.

Who Is Grand M

For those who do not know him, Mohamed Nantoumé aka Grand M is a young Malian artist-comedian, aged 20 years. He is from an ethnic group in the central region of his country, Mali, called the Dogon.

Like Grand P from Guinea, Grand M has suffered from bullying for many years of his life. Today, he can get around the mockery and uses his special physical condition to do comedy. This has made him famous all over the world..

This is the picture


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In addition to being a comedian, Grand M is a rapper. With more than a million followers on Instagram, he makes many people laugh with his recordings.


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