In the modern world, a person’s socioeconomic status is greatly influenced by brands. On occasion, brands turn into status symbols. People are consequently becoming more fashion conscious and spending a larger portion of their income on branded clothing. India’s garment and textile industries are clearly visible. The Indian apparel market is expanding relatively swiftly and quickly, and it offers a wide range of formal, semi-formal, casual, and other items.

The majority of India’s well-known apparel companies maintain high-quality fabrics and current trends. In addition to this the capacity of garment makers to mix comfort and outstanding aesthetics is important to the Indian market for success. Clothes are important because they can influence how others perceive a person. This article will give you a list of all the top clothing brands in India.

The following are the top clothing brands in India:

1. Provogue

Provogue is essentially an apparel retail business with headquarters in Mumbai. The Menswear design line of contemporary clothing under the Provogue Brand was created and introduced in 1998.

The company currently carries a vast selection of accessories and clothing for both men and women’s fashion, and it has received numerous honours over the years. Customers enjoy Provogue’s quality and can purchase the newest apparel products for the lowest possible cost.

2. Allen Solly

For Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, Allen Solly is a creative breakthrough. It is fundamentally a branch of Aditya Birla Fashion and Lifestyle. It is undoubtedly one of India’s biggest and fastest-growing clothing companies as well as a top lifestyle retailer.

The company’s brand portfolio contains product lines with costs that range from low cost, mass-market products to expensive, high end clothing. This clothing brand also provides a wide range of products for all age groups of people.

3. Park Avenue

Park Avenue essentially offers well-dressed males innovative and fashionable wardrobe choices. Its designs reflect the most recent international trends in fabric, styling, colour, and fashion as India’s premier lifestyle brand.

Additionally, at the 2015 Images Fashion Awards, the company was recognised for their innovative AUTOFIT Concept with the “Best Design Concept” of the Year Award.

4. Van Heusen

Clothing line owned by PVH is called Van Heusen. However, Madura Fashion & Lifestyle launched its personal official website. Popular formal wear from this brand is available. Consequently, Van Heusen is the greatest brand for business or professional attire.

5. Levi’s

Levi Strauss & Co. in San Francisco owns the Levi’s apparel brand, which sells shirts, pants, denim, jeans, coats, sweaters, and other sorts of clothing. You won’t be dissatisfied because of the wonderful selection of sizes available from Levi’s. It offers clothing of the highest calibre. For every age group, there is something available. Also you can buy this brand cloth from Myntra store and get Myntra coupons from PaisaWapas site.

6. Mufti

In order to provide an alternate dressing option that defied the “uniform” codes of traditional fashion, Mufti was founded in the year 1998 with a single, fervent goal. Essentially Mufti is a menswear company. In addition to that, Mufti offers a wide variety of clothing items, that includes t-shirts, joggers, shorts, and jackets.

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7. Monte Carlo

Clothing for men, women, and teenagers can be found at the fashion house Monte Carlo. In essence, the company offers clothing that is functional, fashionable, and of a high calibre and that is priced affordably while still meeting the needs of modern consumers.Also available are a variety of apparel items such coats, sweaters, shirts, tracksuits, cardigans, and many more.

8. Wrangler

An American company called Wrangler produces jeans and other types of clothes. In 1947, this clothing brand was acknowledged. Only men’s apparel of the highest calibre is offered by this clothing brand. All products come with a year’s worth of warranty coverage which is an additional advantage for the consumers. Wrangler clothing available for the lowest cost.

9. Peter England

The most well-known menswear brand in India is Peter England. Basically, this clothing brand is well-known for its uniform fits, superior quality, large selection, and trendy styles. Additionally, the right-hand mid-segment brand offers attire for young men entering the corporate sector. Available at the lowest cost are the newest Peter England clothing items.

10. Biba

Fashionable ethnic and traditional apparel for women at affordable rates has always been a hallmark of BIBA. Actually, it’s a fashion company from India. Meena Bindra established the company in 1988 while working out of her New Delhi, India, home. In India right now, Biba is one of the top brands for ethnic clothing. With 225 multi-brand outlets in a shorter time and more dependable clients, it has more than 150 brand outlets.

11. Fabindia

India’s well-known marketplace for goods manufactured using age-old methods, handicrafts, and traditional methods is called FabIndia. The business also connects more than 55,000 rural producers who specialise in handicrafts with modern urban customers.

As a result, the business creates a foundation for skilled, sustainable rural employment as well as stabilises the growth and development of traditional Indian handicrafts.

12. Raymond

Mumbai, Maharashtra, serves as the primary headquarters of Raymond Ltd. Actually, the business is the biggest integrated producer of worsted fabric in the entire world. To meet consumer demand for winter clothing, India’s largest producer of woollen fabrics is present.

In India, this apparel company’s extensive network encompasses over 4,000 multi-brand outlets in addition to over 637 high-end retail boutiques. The company exports its goods to over 55 countries, including the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, and the Middle East.

13. Zodiac

The Zodiac clothing brand has risen up to the top when it’s about men’s clothing and accessories. The moniker now denotes a global representation of contemporary design and time-honored values. Being imaginative and committed to the apparel needs of the frequent customers

This clothing brand currently markets its branding through organised retail chains and more than 1500 independently owned merchants. To please their clients, they provide affordable costs.

14. Gini & Jony

Gini & Jony is, in reality, India’s leading manufacturer of clothing for young adults. The Lakhani brothers launched the first well-known, professionally run kidswear company in India in 1980, bursting with desire for their legacy. The business provides a wide variety of kid’s clothing items, and consumers are encouraged to use the products.

Shirts, t-shirts, skirts, tops, jeans, capris, and other types of clothing are offered by Gini & Jony. In the kid clothes market, this is one of the most important clothing companies.

Wrap Up

Being familiar with the greatest clothes, textile, and famous brands in India today is not a difficult endeavour. You can find several well-known Indian and worldwide fashion brands if you live in a major city by going to a mall. Consumers of fashion in India started purchasing more clothing from online retailers around 2020. They want to understand the best fashion brands that are offered to them in India so they may get the best attire. Therefore, this article focuses on the top clothing brands in India.


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