Features of the Destiny game

Increasingly, the gaming world is becoming more and more diverse. Developers are working hard to ensure that online game fans enjoy the process. For example, Destiny has very colorful graphics and an exciting plot, which, with each season, attracts more and more players. Fans can use Destiny Pulse Rifles props to achieve their goal in the game. 

It is essential not just to have excellent free time but to have real fun. Therefore, the developers pay a lot of attention to the requisites and weapons that players can buy or get for specific achievements in the game. 

What is the Destiny game?

Destiny is not an RPG, that’s for sure. It’s more of a “shared world shooter” that will offer us cooperative gameplay as well as deadly battles. Speaking with design director Joseph Staten, he revealed that the game will also feature features familiar to MMOs.

You decide what role you play in this world, and every decision you make affects your appearance and your fighting style. So it has the qualities you would associate with an MMO, but it’s an action game at its core.

The design of the world and its inhabitants is reminiscent of the first Star Wars trilogy; the overall mythology has potential, and some characters, such as your chatty mechanical companion, aka ghost, can grow into interesting characters as part of a deeper plot.

At the beginning of the game, you decide which of the three available classes – Hunter, Titan, or Witchfinder – you want to go on a space adventure with. Each type has its characteristics; the Titan, for example, is an actual fighting machine with excellent firepower. Hunters are experts in long-range combat, and as a Blacksmith, you have magical abilities such as powerful energy blasts. Other aspects of the character editor, such as race selection, only affect your avatar’s appearance.

Key points in the game

For several seasons, the developers have spent much time diversifying the plot. Each update implies a new location, weapons, or opportunities for the heroes. Newcomers sometimes need help understanding the tasks in the game. However, the navigation of the online game is intuitive, so difficulties should be avoided. 

  • Only four planets are waiting for you in Destiny – Earth, Moon, Mars, and Venus – which you can make unsafe with your vehicle, which can be summoned at any time—all missions, whether story missions or particular challenges against mighty bosses, occur in these four areas.
  • Repeatable areas are critical in the so-called patrol missions, where you can explore the maps and complete various mini-assignments.
  • The countless small and large shooting clubs are elementary to use, and they all feel different; movements such as jumping or hitting are easy to perform, and the vehicles are also easy to drive.

You can make more social contacts in the so-called tower, the game’s lobby. Here, you get to know other players, buy new weapons and equipment, read in-game mail, accept additional challenges for your missions, and more. The interactive prefab pool is very well designed but less intuitive: the walkways are too long, many stores can be easily merged, and some points of contact, such as the cryptorchid, unlock encrypted equipment for you in exchange.

If you’re bored with cooperative gameplay and tower shootouts, you can show off your talent in the competitive multiplayer mode. Here, it also shows again that players understand their skill as shooters: duels are a lot of fun and very reminiscent of duels in games.

Destiny is an addictive game that gathers hundreds of fans every year. Thanks to the variety offered by the developers, each competition participant can choose his mission and pump up his character.