Five of the best sober stag do locations around Europe

Nothing quite beats a stag do does it? They’re always fun, always lively, and quite often, a little bit too over-indulgent too.

However, more and more of us these days, particularly millennials are approaching their lives in a slightly different way, shunning the likes of booze and drugs for a more holistic and substance free life.

That’s having a knock with many others at different stages of their life, from older to those just ahead of millennials, who once may have been heavy on the booze but have since sought help and gone through alcohol rehab as a result. What we’re trying to say is, the days of the raucous stag aren’t quite what they used to be.

In fact, many bachelors are looking for a more fulfilling experience from their last trip as a single man, so here are five great places for a sober stag do adventure…


For sports fans especially, Barcelona is a brilliant place to go and watch the giants of soccer as part of a trip. However, there’s so much to see and do too, with the culture hotspots of the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell combined with the sun, sea and sand.

The Spanish city provides a great blend of city and beach break, meaning there’s something for everyone and loads of great activities from the thrills of watersports to the peace of meandering through Barcelona’s great galleries and parks. Then, of course, there’s the tapas.


In total contrast, you have Reykjavik. It’s a brilliant place to have a stag do to remember, exploring the stunning landscapes with activities such as glacier hiking, horseback riding, and chasing the mesmerising Northern Lights.

For the relaxing part, you have the incredible Blue Lagoon or you can venture into the underground wonders of the lava caves, while people in the country are so friendly, making it a perfect place for a trip without alcohol. Largely because that is so expensive too!


While Edinburgh may be well known for its whisky, there’s more to the Scottish capital than that. It combines outdoor escapades with Scottish charm, allowing people to embark on a hiking adventure up Arthur’s Seat for panoramic views of the city, explore the historic castle, or even head out to Leith and beyond to get a taste of the more quaint coastal settings.

Of course, the best time to go, although it is much more expensive, is during the Edinburgh Fringe, where hundreds upon hundreds of shows take place each day providing plenty of laughs and a stag to remember.


Lisbon is one of the great European cities, and really is a perfect place for foodies. Built in the middle of seven hills, the likes of the Time Out Market and the many tapas bars are well worth settling into for the afternoon, while there are some fantastic days out all within around an hour’s train of Lisbon.

The likes of Cascais and Sintra are beautiful spots for hanging out with friends, while there are plenty of parks within Lisbon to really soak up the sun too, particularly on the river bank.


Now, this might sound silly as a party island, but Ibiza is still an incredible place to go for a bachelor party but without the booze. The island is beautiful and offers tons of incredible relaxation spots, not least around your own pool. However, some nightclubs and hotspots offer alcohol-free party sessions these days too, providing a great way to still enjoy a dance and party with friends, but without the need to be under the influence.

Outside of the partying, there are also tons of great activities to enjoy from water sports to fantastic hiking opportunities inland.