Francophone Africa: Top 5 Most Viewed Artists on YouTube In 2021

Francophone Africa

Although affected by the health crisis, the music industry is one of those industries that have been able to resist the pandemic.


In 2021, the clips posted by five artists from French-speaking Africa garnered millions of views on YouTube.

YouTube ranking: Koffi Olomidé 3rd, Innoss’B 4th…; the top 5 artists in Francophone Africa with the most views in 2021 – L-FRII

Francophone Africa: Here are the top 5 most viewed artists on YouTube in 2021.

1KS Bloom _42.5 Million Views KS Bloom

In 2021, Ivorian singer KS Bloom garnered more than 42.5 million views on the five music videos released that year. This makes him the most viewed French-speaking African artist on YouTube in 2021

2 Fally Ipupa _ 34 Million Views

Fally Ipupa

With more than 34 million views through his 5 videos, Congolese artist Fally Ipupa is the second most watched artist in Francophone Africa in 2021.

3 Koffi Olomide _ 13.9 Million Views Koffi Olomede

Koffi Olomide; Koffi has over 13.9 million total views on YouTube across 4 music videos released in 2021 and is the third most viewed artist in Francophone Africa in 2021.

4 Innos B _ 13.4 Million Views Innos B

Congolese singer and dancer Innos B totals more than 13.4 million combined views on 3 music videos in 2021. This makes him the most watched French-speaking African artist in 2021.

Innoss’B is still amazed by his own success – BBC News Africa

5 Josey_12.4 Million Views Josey

Ivorian artist announces imminent album release | InstantsWe end the list with Ivorian Josi. With over 12.4 million total views, Zambe Lehmann Girls is the fifth most watched artist in Francophone Africa in 2021.

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