10 Funniest African Proverbs

African Proverbs

Life is full of surprises. We too often forget the small daily joys, only to think of the ups and downs.  So that you remember the essential things, and to make you have a good time, we have selected for you 10 of the funniest African proverbs.

These proverbs will motivate you, move you, but above all, they will make you smile.  Share them with your best friend, your mum and everyone you love.

1. Provoke a gorilla and you’ll see its beauty”

African proverbs

To say that we must avoid upsetting a person who is already on edge, at the risk of seeing him or her turn into a real monster.  True enough!

2. “There are no virgins in motherhood.”

African proverbs

It’s clear, isn’t it?  There are no virgins in the maternity ward!  This adage simply means: “avoid lying when everyone knows the truth”.

3. “the only woman who knows where her husband is every night is a widow”

African proverbs

One could have simply understood by this the legendary infidelity of men.  But well… These few words simply mean that “there are certain sufferings that you are the only person capable of understanding”.

4. “A child can play with her mother’s breasts but not with his father’s testicles

African proverbs

No kidding.  What we need here is “don’t overreact and let every joke have its limit.”

5. He who talks a lot while eating, hides a piece of meat under his hand”

African proverbs

Yes, “Avoid believing all the honeyed words” is better for your health.  A nod to women.

6. “He who marries a beautiful woman has the same problems as the one who grows his corn on the side of the road.”

African proverbs

The message here is: “be vigilant when you own a coveted object or property”.  In this case a beautiful woman… so gentlemen who have beautiful women here, beware!

7. Don’t wash your face starting at the bottom

African proverbs

“First things first; don’t rush”, try to put it somewhere in your head, without thinking.

8. “Only the stool recognizes the one who farted”

African proverbs

If only the stools could talk, they would probably complain against some people for farting too much… To say that “only the victim is in a good position to tell what happened”.

9. “He who sleeps with an itchy anus wakes up with stinky fingers”

African proverbs

No comment… “you have to avoid hiding a problem, because it will come out some day”.

10. “It’s when a mosquito lands on your testicles, that you understand that violence doesn’t solve all problems”

African proverbs

Or if you prefer, another version says that “it is when the zipper of your pants closes on your testicles that you understand that violence does not solve all problems”: “violence does not solve all problems”.

The advantage of proverbs is that not only do they make you interesting in your public speaking, but the wiser you become.  Believe it or not, Captain Bobo (who has proven himself among his ministers) will be able to convince you.