Getting to Know the Best of Natural Diamond Alternatives

Every gemstone symbolizes meaning and energy contribution to the wearer. So, choose your gemstone wisely. A gemstone that is a highly recommended alternative to the world’s most precious stone, diamond, is Moissanite. Everyone wants to indulge in the beauty of diamonds moreover, with its higher cost, several expensive gemstones like Emerald, Sapphire, Aquamarine, and Amethyst are the choices over diamonds. But Moissanite is another story – they look like diamonds and basically, they are another kind of diamonds aside from synthetic diamonds which are used in lab-grown diamond rings

What is Moissanite Gemstone?

Moissanite is created from diamonds but with silicone and crystals as part of its composition. They are formed in an environment similar to lab-grown diamonds and are formed under pressure and heat. Thus, lab-grown diamonds’ composition is completely similar to natural diamonds. Hence, Moissanite consists of 925 percent out of 1000 of a diamond’s composition. Moreover, the reading below discusses why it is practical and wise to choose Moissanite Diamonds:

Primarily, they are cost-effective. Moissanite can be availed for only a fraction of the cost of a diamond, making them an affordable option for couples who are on a budget. Moreover, they are also precious stones similar to gemstones.

Moissanite’s durability has a hardness scale of 9.25 on the Mohs scale which is second to natural and lab-grown diamonds. Engagement rings with moissanite are very less likely to scratch or chip.

Moissanite comes in different characteristics based on how it has been formed. But moissanite brilliantly sparkles as it has a higher refractive index than a diamond. Moissanite can create more shimmer and will look more shimmery because it is less luminous than diamonds.

Since moissanite is produced in laboratories and manufacturing centers, they are ethical and sustainable. They produce more employment from the sourcing of renewable raw materials, the production processes, and commercial aspects of moissanite.

Moissanite is distinguishable from diamonds through its color and overall physical appearance. They appear whiter and less clear. Some can also have colors and are also graded according to their 4C properties.

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Best Shapes for Moissanite and Lab-Grown Diamonds

Loose princess cut diamonds and moissanite are popular choices for fine jewelry. They are a classic and timeless choice for engagement rings due to their hardness, beauty, and symbolic significance. Hence, their color, transparent to white hues are so versatile for any jewelry design. Choosing between diamonds and moissanite depends on personal preference and budget with diamonds being more valuable and symbolic of love. Find loose princess-cut diamonds with the ring style of your choice here.

A cushion cut is a great choice of shape for moissanite or diamonds. They have the endearing creativity resembling a pillow while having the edge of femininity in unique and odd cutting. Cushion cut diamonds have several edges and facets which make moissanite or diamonds sparkle brilliantly. Beyond the most common shapes and cuts like round brilliant and princess cut, cushion cut diamonds or moissanite can be creatively set into a more embellished setting like pave and three stone to make it look more emphasized and highlighted. Find cushion-cut diamonds and design your own jewelry piece on Rare Carat.

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