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Living with an illness is a not very pleasing. However, credit needs to be given to various people who are disable and at the same time living with it. Godfrey Baguma is a source of inspiration to for many especially those living with illness. This is a brief biography of Godfrey Baguma. Have a good read!

Godfrey Baguma Biography

Godfrey Baguma, conceived 1973, is a famous Ugandan performer, entertainer and vocalist commonly known for his monstrous appearance.


Godfrey Baguma, is the lone offspring of his folks, after his introduction to the world, his mom left him after saying that he was definitely not an ordinary youngster.

skinniest person in the world

Godfrey Baguma came into spotlight subsequent to winning a competition to get Uganda’s most ugly looking man in 2002.

Godfrey Baguma Early Life and Career (Ugliest Man in the World)

Godfrey Baguma also known as Ssebabi was brought into the world in his old neighborhood in Uganda where he grew up with his grandma after his folks left him due to his look.

Godfrey Baguma, began repairing shoes in his shop, on one occasion certain individuals moved toward him and said they had an occasion at which they maintained that he should be a central visitor.

They took his photographs, with various postures and he participated in the challenge for the ugliest man on the planet which he won.

Godfrey Baguma, is otherwise called Ssebabi, and that implies the ugliest of all.

Godfrey Baguma tunes are doing great with one of his hit melodies Abagala outperforming 13 million perspectives on YouTube.

Godfrey Baguma Wife

Ssebabi has been married multiple times with youngsters. His most memorable marriage finished over cases of disloyalty and they have two kids together.

Godfrey Baguma remarried in 2013 to Kate Namanda and the marriage was honored with five youngsters.

Godfrey Baguma wedded his third spouse in 2020 with their marriage photographs moving via virtual entertainment.

Godfrey Baguma Disease

Godfrey Baguma was diagnosed to have an interesting condition called Fibrodysplasia, which influences the development and situation of his cells and tissue.

His wellbeing can be made do with the right drug, and they can’t be passed down to his kids.

Godfrey Baguma Relationship Talk

Sebabi then met Namanda, who was 18 at that point, through his auntie who played go between.

He said: “I remained with her four years before her kin knew where she was. I maintained that they should not see me until we had a youngster since they would encourage her to leave me.

“She left me when she was a half year pregnant yet I think she later acknowledged her destiny since she returned two months after the fact.

“I told her that I didn’t decide to look the manner in which I do and that assuming she feels I am a load, she is allowed to live me

In any case, she decided to remain and in 2013 they held a wedding service that put his old neighborhood Kyazanga, in the Lwengo District of Uganda, at a stop.

To find a woman that loves you the way Godfrey Baguma wife loves him is very unique. This is the kind of love called true love, it is not found in stores or outlet.

Godfrey Baguma Net Worth

Godfrey Baguma is an individual of note, well known performer, humorist and vocalist. He has high value of assets


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