10 Types Of Guys That Don’t Deserve Virgins As Wives

These are categories of guys that don’t deserve virgins as wives Having a virgin wife is what many guys wish for but the truth of the matter is that not every guy deserves a virgin wife, and I’m going to point out  these guys that don’t deserve virgins as wives.


NB 📌:  This Article is Just For Fun and It’s Was Written by Nigerian Comic Writer tosyne2much.

1. Paedophiles


These are guys that can quickly get erection upon seeing a lady’s pants or underwear on the wire. They focus more on young girls entrusted in their care and their joysticks can easily be recognized by both primary and junior secondary school girls in their area.

It’s amusing to see that despite how they take advantage of the young ones, they wouldn’t hesitate to marry a virgin

2. “Let me put the tip” crew

We call them play boys. They promises heaven and earth just to have their way. They use the line “let me put just the tip” to deceive gullible girls and fu***k them.

Most of them have cajoled and slept with numerous girl’s at their prime but would like to settle down with a virgin. May thunder strike them

3. Prostitutes patronizers

Friendship zone

You can find them loitering around every brothel in their area. They are well known in brothels like Channel 5, 7up, Haven Lounge, etc. When they go into any house of prostitution, prostitutes begin to hail and call them by their surnames. Some of them are carriers of syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, genital warts, and trich.

These same carriers of these sexually transmitted diseases want a woman that has never been touched as a wife. No it cant happen at all.

4. Vaseline crew

Funny pic

The vaseline crew are found loitering in any thread that has to do with boobs and butts. All the detergents and bar soaps in their bathroom doesn’t last more than a week. In fact, if it’s possible for them, they will use super glue to masturbate in the absence of solid soap.

Their excessive masturbation has resulted in low sperm count and these are the same guys that lay accusing fingers on ladies that aren’t virgins. Okay!

6. Those who molest girls


These are guys whose joysticks have shrinkled due to sex overload. They force their way when a lady doesn’t want to give in, and they are always willing to lay down their lives at the sight of kitty-cat. Considering the rate at which they have forcefully slept with girls, the same guys want to marry virgins. May amadioha strike them.. that can’t happening this world.

7. The Abortionists


These are guys who will impregnate a lady and pressure her to abort it. Many will agree with Me that some guys have impregnated and carried out abortion for more than Six ladies and are still doing more. Any decent lady who falls in the hands of these guys should know that she has not found a husband.

8. Porn addicts

Porn addicts

These are guys who know the names of Every Porn Stars and Website. If they can channel this retentive memory in their academics, I’m sure first class is guaranteed. After they watch porn, they go to their neighbour’s wife when the husband has gone to work and practice any new moves. Men will surely do the same to their wives.

9. “Chop and pass” guys

Chop and pass

These are guys who use a lady and then pass her to his friends to have their own share too. When karma comes to them, they will marry a woman that other men will chop and pass to the next person

9. Those who can’t keep their own virginity


These are guys that are not married yet but have had sex even more than their Grandpa. They body shame women and call every lady that refuses their advances “Ashawo. They aren’t virgins but want virgins. No man deserves a virgin wife unless he’s a virgin too

10. “Who virginity epp?” crew

Funny thing

Those are guys who go about preaching virginity as inconsequential in this modern world. When they find a virgin lady, they begin to tell her Stories of how virginity hinders painless childbirth or contributes menstrual cramps.

When the lady falls for their story and opens her legs for them, they chop and clean their mouth and then move to the next lady. May a virgin never come their way as a wife. Amen…

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