Has Taylor Pantalemon of California Been Found?

Taylor Pantalemon Ladera Ranch is a California resident who has gone missing since the 22nd of February.

Has Taylor Pantalemon Of California Been Found
Taylor Pantalemon

Who is Taylor Pantalemon?

Taylor Pantalemon is a 16-year-old teenager who went missing from her mother’s home on Monday.


According to the police, Pantalemon has left her phone and vehicle unattended. It’s difficult for the police authorities to trace the teenager since.

Has Taylor Pantalemon Been Found?

Taylor Pantalemon Ladera Ranch resident has not been found after her missing was reported on Monday. Pantalemon’s family and her friends are worried about her sudden disappearance.

Taylor was last seen at 7 pm on Monday. After that, there was no information about the teenager, and she also left her car and phone before she went missing.

Her parents and her family are overwhelmed by the incident and do everything they can to find her. This is the first time any of the family members of the ranch has been disappeared.


It was believed that Taylor usually has a cell phone, and she never leaves without checking.Taylor’s parents actively seek help from the general public, seeking information that could lead them to their daughters. Authorities from California are doing their best to find the missing girl.


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