Haunted By Active Acne? Try Laser Treatment  

For some people, having acne is just a phase that happens in life during puberty. For others, the condition may go overboard—haunting them even in adulthood. Having acne can hurt a person’s self-esteem and have a negative effect on one’s overall quality of life. If acne is the enemy that you have been keeping closer to yourself than your friends, it is time to put an end to its reign. This article shares about an effective treatment for active acne: the Pro-Yellow laser (https://edwinlimclinic.sg/aesthetic-treatments/laser/acne-laser-treatment/). 

Possible causes why you are battling with acne

Adult acne is more common than you think. This condition is identified by breakouts of pimples, blackheads or whiteheads, and other blemishes that usually crowd the lower half of the face. Understanding the causes of your zit plague will get you one step closer to putting an end to their existence. Checkout the list below and see if you are experiencing or have been doing any of these acne causing practices.

1 Using cosmetics that clog up pores

Acne cosmetica is a condition that occurs when using a comedogenic product, such as makeup, sunscreen, skincare and hair products. These are products that contain ingredients that block the pores and hair follicles in the skin. When this happens, the skin begins to produce excess oil which then builds up and clogs the pore leading to the formation of a blemish. Acne cosmetica is persistent and determined by tiny bumps, sometimes with papules and pustules present, on the skin or scalp’s surface.

2 Failing to cleanse the face properly

A long day at work can be extremely tiring and sleeping off this exhaustion as soon as you arrive home is tempting, but this is a practice that you should not do. Especially when you have been wearing makeup all day and have been exposed to dirt during your commute! All the oil and bacteria collected in the pores of your skin will only give birth to annoying acne if not cleaned properly. So before hitting the sack, gather up all your will-power and clean your face using gentle non-comedogenic products. 

3 Eating too much refined carbs and processed food

The myth about getting acne from eating too many carbs is no longer hearsay. A study conducted in the past years shows that this is actually true. If processed foods that are high in refined carbohydrates and glycemic index (e.g. cakes, cookies, white bread, pasta, etc.) are a staple in your diet, then you should seriously think about giving your grocery list an overhaul.

4 Hormonal changes and stress

Hormonal changes on its own can wreak havoc in your skin. Coupled with stress, breakouts can go worse as the body releases neuropeptides, an inflammatory chemical that can aggravate active acne.

5 Dirty phones

If you belong to the type of people who prefer to do calls over sending texts, then your mobile phone can be the menace behind your active acne. Your cellphone is a breeding ground of bacteria and having this rub against your skin during calls can lead to acne mechanica, which is another kind of acne brought about by friction. 

Treating active acne with laser

Treating active acne is not an overnight affair. If you have tried different ways to subdue pesky pimples using oral and topical medications with little to no success, then it may be time for you to venture out into eliminating harmful practices (as mentioned in the list above) and trying powerful devices that can help your skin problem.  

Speaking of powerful devices, one equipment that aesthetic professionals recommend when treating active and cystic acne is laser. Specifically, a Pro-Yellow laser.

Aside from treating acne, the Pro-Yellow laser can benefit the skin by:

  • Brightening and rejuvenating the skin
  • Improving pigmentation issues
  • Preventing post inflammatory erythema (red spots)
  • Treating rosacea

How does a Pro-Yellow laser treat active acne?

Pro-Yellow laser treats active acne by killing P. acne bacteria and minimizing the oil producing glands in the skin using energy-charged laser beams with a special wavelength of 577nm. Pro-Yellow laser also triggers the development of new collagen in the skin, which helps in making it firm and tight. 

You do not have to worry about being reminded of your bout with acne as Pro-Yellow laser also treats post inflammatory erythema (acne marks). The laser’s 577nm wavelength treats the damaged blood vessels by reducing the small red blood vessels, therefore relieving the skin from inflammation and allowing it to heal from acne completely without leaving a mark.

What happens during a session of Pro-Yellow laser treatment for active acne?

Here is what you can expect during a session of Pro-Yellow laser treatment for active acne:

  • Your face will be cleansed thoroughly before the procedure
  • Your face will undergo two to three passes of laser to kill P. Acne bacteria and reduce the size of oil glands. Anticipate to feel a warm sensation on your skin.
  • Your doctor will program the laser using a different setting. This time, the laser works to target and treat active acne. Prickling sensations may be felt during this time.
  • A cold air blower is used throughout the procedure to cool the face.

After the session, you may notice that the redness of your active acne is a lot lesser than it used to be. Your skin will continue to improve and optimum results are usually achieved after five to ten treatments in an interval of two to four weeks, depending on the severity of your skin condition and your doctor’s recommendation. 

A session of Pro-Yellow laser treatment for active acne will last in under an hour, including prep time. It is easy to insert into one of your daily schedules and the treatment does not need any downtime, so you can continue to go about your day as soon as you step out of the clinic. 

Pro-Yellow laser treatment has minimal side effects, such as redness in the face. This is temporary and should clear up after a few hours. 

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