Here Are Some Information About Sankaran Potty Director’s Death

Here Are Some Information About Sankaran Potty Directors Death

Shankaran Potty is a well-known Chief cum director whose death is quite painful to believe for both fans and family members alike. He was a film director and was also involved in later creation. According to the report, Sankaran Potty’s death was due to an accident, he was 41 years old at the time of his death. The less-than-ideal death of the chief brought inconvenience to those he loved.

Sankaran Potty was a film director and spouse of Indulekha, the entertainer.

Who is Sankaran Potty’s Spouse?

Indulekha is one of the most beloved artists of the television audience, and also the wife to Sankaran Potty. There was also a movie on Indulekha, which was acted by Malavika.

Here Are Some Information About Sankaran Potty Directors Death

Sankaran Potty’s wife, Indulekha

What is Indulekha Series About?

Indulekha series is an Indian Malayalam television series coordinated by Gitesh Karunakaran. The show premiered on Surya TV on October 5, 2020.

The story is about a young girl named Indulekha. Malavika Krishnadas takes on the role of Indulekha in the sequence. Malavika was born on June 14, 1999, in Ottapalam of Usha and the late Krishnadas. She began learning exemplary dance at the age of three. She appeared in an unscripted dance TV drama “Super Dancer Junior 2” on Amrita TV. She became the speedster of the show.


Sankaran Potty has acted in more than 75 serials and appeared in the sequel series Koodevide. As earlier stated, the death of Sankaran Potty has caused his family and friends extreme agony. During the meeting, Indulekha, who is Sankaran’s wife said that she is acting on screen hiding many agonies in her daily existence. She talks transparently about her late husband and her little girl.