Hiyam Mckelvey Biography, Nationality, Marital Status, Professionalism and Net Worth

Hiyam Mckelvey Biography Nationality Marital Status Professionalism And Net Worth

Hiyam McKelvey is best known as the spouse of WeWork co-founder Miguel McKelvey. She is a businesswoman and a retired funding banker. Her husband, Miguel McKelvey, has brought her into the limelight. Miguel is a businessman and co-founder of WeWork; he is also the chief culture officer of this company.

Profile Summary

Full Name Hiyam McKelvey
Gender Female
Nationality American
Marital Status Married
Spouse Miguel Mckelvey
Profession Businesswoman and Retired Funding Banker

Who is Hiyam Mckelvey?

Hiyam McKelvey is Miguel’s wife and a successful entrepreneur who has launched her own cosmetics line, Pucker. In 2013, she and makeup artist Julio Sandino founded the makeup agency Pucker.

Pucker also opened a makeup studio in New York, where customers could get the look they wanted for any occasion, work, or a special day. Their first retailer was in Soho, where they provided reasonably priced and accessible cosmetics and treatments to customers.

Hiyam Mckelvey Biography Nationality Marital Status Professionalism And Net Worth

Hiyam Mckelvey husband, Miguel Mckelvey

Meet Hiyam Mckelvey’s Spouse

Miguel McKelvey is an American businessman, and the co-founder and former chief culture officer of WeWork. Before graduating from college, McKelvey worked as a busboy in a restaurant, and spent two summers at an Alaskan fish processing plant.

After graduating from college, McKelvey went to Tokyo to visit a friend, and while there, he co-founded English, baby!, a web portal and social network for students to create and take foreign-language online courses. The website offers vocabulary quizzes, grammar lessons, and a social network that connects English-language learners with English-fluent peers. The business grew to 25 employees.

McKelvey next moved to New York City, where he worked at Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture. The firm was responsible for all the American Apparel projects, and McKelvey became the manager of the international retail roll out.

Hiyam Mckelvey’s Net Worth

Hiyam McKelvey’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. She is a businesswoman and a former funder who has launched her own cosmetics line, Pucker Makeup.


Hiyam and Miguel are no longer together, as they got divorced in 2017 and are now completely separated. Now they seem to be on their way. Hiyam is a private person who is not active on social media; she does not often reveal about her personal life in public.