How Old Is Alec Benjamin And His Sister?

Alec Shane Benjamin  is an American singer-songwriter from Phoenix, Arizona..

Although Benjamin spent his kindergarten and first school years on Long Island, New York, he was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. He penned the song “If We Have Each Other” in honor of his sister.

How Old Is Alec Benjamin


Alec Benjamin Was born on May 28, 1994 (28 Years old) .

In 2018 His single “Let Me Down Slowly” reached the top 40 in over 25 countries and it has amassed over 1 billion streams on Spotify as of April 2022.

Benjamin primarily writes and sings songs in English but has versions of his songs “Older”, “The Way You Felt” and “Water Fountain” in Mandarin Chinese.

Alec Benjamin Sister

Alec Benjamin and his

Logan Benjamin is the name of Alec’s older sister. Logan is wed and resides with her partner. She and Alec grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, upbringing. Alec dedicated his song “If We Have Each Other” to his sister Logan.

Little is known about Logan Benjamin, including her occupation and the existence of any children she may have had with her husband.


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