How to Apply for Unskilled Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

With over a million job openings, Canada is ready to welcome foreign nationals from all over the world to fill labor gaps across industries. While the emphasis is frequently placed on the critical need for skilled workers to fill vacant high-level positions, it should not be overlooked that unskilled workers play a significant role in the Canadian economy. Employers in Canada are desperate for immigrants with a wide range of skill sets to keep the wheels turning.


How to Apply for Unskilled Jobs in Canada with a Visa Jobs-canada-unskilled-workers



Step 1: Learn More About Visa Sponsored Jobs in Canada.


In terms of sponsorship, keep in mind that Canadian employers will not always literally sponsor you. However, they will apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from Employment and Social Development Canada on your behalf.

What exactly is a Labour Market Impact Analysis (LMIA)?


A LMIA is a document that allows a Canadian employer to hire a foreign worker. A positive LMIA will conclude that a foreign worker is required to fill the position.

If you want to work in Canada through visa sponsorship, you’ll need to find a company willing to sponsor your visa application and guide you through the process.


If you find an employer who will fully sponsor your visa, the following are some of the responsibilities they may agree to:


Purchasing an airline ticket

Assisting with lodging arrangements

Providing medical insurance for a set period of time

Assisting you in enrolling in a provincial occupational safety insurance plan

Best advice: Look for global corporations or businesses in remote areas with a significant skills drain.

Step 2: Determine if your job has a NOC code.


Canada initially targeted National Occupational Classification Code (NOC) 0, A, and B occupations for immigration. NOC 0 jobs include management positions, NOC A jobs require a university degree, and NOC B jobs include trades and occupations that typically require a college diploma or apprenticeship training.

It should be noted, however, that if your occupation falls under NOC codes C or D, you have several options for immigration to Canada. Economic immigration is an excellent tool for addressing labor shortages. NOC C jobs frequently necessitate a high school diploma. In contrast, NOC D would necessitate on-the-job training. Butchers, truck drivers, and food service workers are examples of NOC C occupations. Fruit pickers, cleaning staff, and oil field workers are examples of NOC D occupations.


What is the system of National Occupational Classification (NOC)?


The National Occupational Classification (NOC) system is used in Canada to determine the skill level of an occupation. This system, however, will be replaced by the Training, Education, Experience, and Responsibilities (TEER) system by the end of 2022.


Some Unskilled or Semi-Skilled Employment Opportunities in Canada


Orderlies, nurse aides, and patient service associates (NOC 3413)

Caregivers (NOC 4411 and NOC 4412) (NOC 4411 and NOC 4412)

Retail and wholesale butchers, meat cutters, and fishmongers (NOC 6331)

Servers of food and beverages (NOC 6513)

Drivers of Transport Trucks (NOC 7511)

Construction trades assistants and laborers (NOC 7611)

General Farm Workers (NOC 8431) Workers in fish and seafood processing plants (NOC 9463)

Processors of food, beverages, and related products (NOC 9617)

Operators of Machines (Major NOC Group 94)


Step 3: Figure Out How to Get a Job in Canada.


The infographic below contains helpful hints for finding work in the Great White North.

You can also look at the most in-demand jobs in Canada. Watch the video below for more information.

Remember that you will need a job offer and a Canadian work permit to work in Canada. The Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP), which has special worker streams for caregivers, agriculture workers, and other low-wage workers, fills job and labor shortages. You can apply for a Canadian work permit through one of these channels if you have a job offer in Canada.

Step 4: Find a Program That Meets Your Requirements


Under the terms of their employment contracts, many provincial programs allow foreign employees to apply for residence in Canada as unskilled, low-skilled, or semi-skilled workers. The industries or sectors in which these workers are needed differ depending on where they live. If you want to live and work in Canada for a limited time, you can apply for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.


Let’s go over all of the programs available to unskilled workers.


Program for Temporary Foreign Workers (TFWP)

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) was created to help Canada’s economic growth by filling labor shortages with skilled foreign workers. When it comes to hiring temporary foreign workers, Canadian employers rely heavily on this program.

Pilot Program for Home Care Providers

In Canada, there are two immigration pilot programs for home care providers.


As a home care child provider, you will assist parents in caring for their children. You may also be required to assist with household chores. This category includes the following jobs:

Au pair Nanny Babysitter

Live-in caregiver for children

Private home child care provider

Foster caretaker


Working as a home support worker entails assisting people with disabilities, the elderly, and those recovering from an illness or surgery. Feeding, bathing, preparing meals, and administering medication are all examples of responsibilities. Among the jobs available in this category are:


Home health aide

Personal caregiver – home care


Caregiver in the family

Program for Seasonal Agricultural Workers

The Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program is another option for obtaining an employer-specific work permit and working in the top LMIA available occupations up north. If Canadians are unable to fill the positions, this program allows Canadian companies to hire temporary foreign workers. An employer may hire a foreign worker for a period of eight months. If you are from a Caribbean country that participates in the agriculture workers program, you may be eligible for a work permit.



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      I want to work in the Canada’s in fruit parker.

  1. I work in Turkey in the field of sewing, but I do not have qualifications to work, but I work to support my family in Syria, Aleppo, and in Turkey we are exposed to racism. I am 29 years old. I am not married, single.

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        I’m AbdulKarim I’m searching about job in Canada and Immigrate to Canada , I am a worker in the construction of residential buildings..
        Please help me get a job and permanent residence in Canada

        Thank you

  2. Omar Al-Birini, I am 21 years old, I have a Syrian ID, I work in a sewing factory in Turkey, and I help my family with the expenses because of the lack of salaries and lack of work, and the high prices in Syria.

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  5. I am from Bali-Indonesia and Interseted, But how I get job there, can you help or maybe you can recommend which company/employers’re provide visa sponsorship in canada (fruit farm or unskilled position ).thanks

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  13. Hello, how are you? I am Kayed Ibrahim from Jordan. I want to immigrate to Canada. I am married and have 5 children. I work as a petrol car mechanic. Finally, I am a petrol car mechanic for 15 years. Thank you.

    • : I worked in one of them, the first of which was a home wiring electrician for five years, then I worked as a home appliances technician and kitchen appliances for four years, then I worked as a supervisor in the maintenance and operation department, then I worked on fifty tons of cranes, then I was transferred to the electrical purchases manager, and now I have been working in this department for 12 years
      The name Fadel Obaid Thabit Ali

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    Canada’s is the best economic reforms in the world’s in the recently.
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