How to Get Rid of Your Unwanted Items Before Christmas

Christmas is here, and excitement is naturally mounting. But the oncoming festive period is often also a time of great stress and effort, particularly when it comes to preparing your home. The presence of guests over Christmas is incentive enough to have a clear-out, but culling your unwanted goods is also necessary to clear the way for your lovely new gifts from loved ones. Decluttering is no small task, though; how can you most effectively get rid of your unwanted items?

Car Boots and Jumble Sales

The first, and perhaps most obvious, option for you to start your ruthless item-shedding crusade comes in the form of the car-boot sale. This humble form for second-hand selling has practically become a provincial tradition in the UK, as declutterers and professional bric-a-brac merchants alike come together to hawk their wares for low, low prices.

Car boots are often a great way to gain clutter as opposed to dispose of it, but as a seller you can benefit from this propensity; flogging of your unwanteds at a low price is sure to reduce your junk-load a fair amount. A similar alternative can be found in the jumble sale, which simply dispenses of the car boots and places the whole affair in a slightly more comfortable surround.

Auction and Resale Apps

Car boots and jumble sales are perfect for getting rid of your items of questionable value, especially such things as unused toiletries and well-used children’s toys. But in the course of your pre-Christmas decluttering, you are also likely to find a number of more valuable items, which deserve earning the fair price they could get.

These items, whether old tech, niche retro items or high-quality clothes, could fetch a high price on any of the resale or auction apps you can download today. The additional money would be a great little sweetener for your digital piggy bank, if not a fine subsidy for your Christmas shopping efforts.

For tech and niche paraphernalia, eBay is a strong option; for clothing and vintage goods, Vinted or Depop are ideal. If you’re willing to sift through some bizarre messages in service of a local sale, Facebook Marketplace is a fun digital alternative to the local classifieds.

Charity Events

Of course, your decluttering mission does not need to turn a profit to be a success. Indeed, seeking profits for some of your goods can be more of a hindrance than a help, especially if some items are simply not selling – and hence continuing to gather dust. The final option, then, is your local charity shop, which would be more than happy to receive your unwanted goods in order to further its own mission!