How to Spot Authentic T-Shirts When Making Bulk Purchases ?

Hopping from one store to another, searching for the perfect t-shirt, can be draining for a retail fashion brand owner. This is why many people prefer purchasing their shirts from wholesalers. With this method, you not only get a more comprehensive selection of colors but also get your shirts at cheaper rates and can select the quality you need for your business.

You can choose from different neckline choices and size ranges if you want to sell baggy tees. There are many upsides to making bulk t-shirt purchases. However, before making the decision, you’ll need to be adequately prepared to make the proper shirt selections. Here are a few tips to help you navigate the wholesale market and select the best-quality shirts:

Making the Best Out Of Your Wholesale Purchases 

Wholesalers offer a lot of different types of shirts. It’s always important to check the quality of cheap jackets for men, the fashion trends, and several other things we’ll be talking about in the following sections. You need to ensure you don’t end up with low quality shirts that will wear out after a few weeks. So, here are the best ways to spot authentic tees for bulk purchase:

Mind The Brand Reputation 

It’s always important to take note of the branding when dealing with bulk purchases. Don’t just select the shirts based on what you see online. Ensure that you are able to make direct contact with the seller/sellers. Ask for live videos and photos of the merchandise. This way, you’ll know if you’re getting your money’s worth. There are several popular brands making t-shirts, and when you get an offer for a bulk purchase that seems too good to be true for a particular manufacturer, it probably is. So, to avoid being scammed into purchasing low-quality items with a fake logo, always make sure you check the brand labels directly to spot any discrepancies. 

Know Their Returns Policy

One of the first questions you should ask any vendor is, “what is your returns policy?” You need to know what will happen if you don’t like the shirts you purchased for any reason or if there happens to be a defect with one of them. If the vendor tells you they don’t do returns or you’ll have to pay for the logistics of the returns, then you should probably avoid patronizing them. Of course, the terms of return vary across the board, but in most cases, you should be able to return the entire order simply because you are unsatisfied with the products. However, it is better not to make it a habit, especially when the wholesaler offers high-quality products. You may damage your reputation with them, and they may ban you from making future purchases. 

Avoid Offers That Are Too Juicy

Usually, when purchasing anything, there are always offers that seem too good to be true. This is because these offers are scams that cheat you of money or quality products. So, when you’re bulk chasing t-shirts, make sure it’s from a reputable brand. Some brands send you small samples of your order first to entice you into purchasing in bulk. This is an excellent way to verify the quality before receiving the bulk order as long as they send you the same thing.

Seek Help From Experienced People

Since navigating the wholesale market might be daunting, you can get help from people with professional experience. This is pretty easy because you can look within your circle to find the right people, or you can opt to converse with people on social media and online forums to get advice on how to make bulk t-shirt purchases. When you are buying from a vendor you met on social media, it’s always a great idea to verify them by checking their reviews and also conversing with some people from their sections to find out their experience with the vendor and the vendor’s authenticity. 

Confirm Logistics Arrangements Beforehand

Before purchasing any cheap t-shirts for women, baggy tees, and printed shirts, ensure that you know the logistics arrangements. Don’t leave anything to chance because if the wholesaler uses an unreliable delivery service, you may receive damaged goods or just mail telling you your package is missing. If you’re given the option to choose a delivery service, select popular logistics companies to ensure the safety of your bulk purchases. Some wholesalers also offer in-house logistics services. Opting for these sellers might be a better option because they are typically faster and take all the responsibility if there is any delay or goods are delivered damaged.


Bulk purchasing t-shirts is a straightforward process for retailers. As long as you use these tips and avoid any sketchy adverts, you’ll be fine. Remember to always go for clothing made of the best grade of materials, so you don’t ruin your fashion business reputation among end-users in your demographic.