How to Swap Face Online and on Your iPhone 

Ever wondered how you’d look with someone else’s face? While this might seem far-fetched, the realm of artificial possibilities, particularly in the realm of face swapping, makes it surprisingly achievable. Thanks to the prowess of AI, face swaps have become a viral sensation on social media platforms, transforming the mundane into moments of hilarity and creativity.

Join us on this journey into the realm of face swapping, where technology meets imagination, and creativity knows no bounds. Whether you’re a seasoned digital artist or a casual enthusiast, we’ll unravel the secrets behind crafting the perfect face swap, exploring the tools that turn your visual fantasies into captivating reality. Get ready to dive into the fun-filled universe of face swapping wonders!

Swap Face Online with FaceSwapper AI 

Face Swapper is a clever AI face swap tool that uses smart technology to mix and switch faces and bodies in your photos. You can use it to have some fun by swapping faces or blending your pictures with computer-generated looks, making it cool for online privacy too. It’s a handy and playful way to experiment with your photos and create entertaining combinations.

This online face changer allows you to make a new version of yourself, prank your friends, or anonymize your photos. Create funny pics in just a few taps! Our AI-powered Face Swapper works perfectly even in most complex cases: faces turned sideways, glasses, sunglasses, headwear, and facial hair.

Swap a face from Photo with Face Swapper 

Add a Face:

Begin by clicking the “Add Photo” icon to upload a selfie – yours or your friend’s. Ensure the photo captures a single, frontal face view without any obstructions. For optimal results, choose a high-resolution image.

Choose the Target Face:

Select the target face either from the available templates provided by FaceSwapper or upload another face from your device.

Let AI Do Face Swap:

Initiate the face swapping process by clicking the “Swap Face Now” button. Allow the AI to seamlessly execute the face swap task, which typically takes 5-15 seconds, depending on your internet connection.

Face Swap Result Preview:

Preview the swapped face directly on the same window. FaceSwapper enables you to compare the original photo with the swapped version, giving you a clear view of the transformation.

Download Image for Fun:

Once satisfied with the result, download the final image for various fun applications. Whether you’re creating a hilarious meme or a playful emoji, the swapped picture is ready for your creative endeavors!

Swap a face into a GIF picture with Face Swapper 

Step 1: Begin by navigating to FaceSwapper’s home page and locate the enticing “Discover New Features” section. Click on it to unveil a host of exciting options.

Step 2: Within the New Features section, specifically choose the “Animated Face Swap” option. This is where the enchantment of transforming your face swaps into lively GIFs unfolds.

Step 3: Upload an image showcasing the face you wish to animate. Make sure the image follows the provided guidelines, capturing the face from a front view without any obstructions.

Step 4: FaceSwapper AI offers a variety of GIF templates to explore. Currently, you have six presets at your disposal, each adding a distinctive touch to your animated face swap. Keep an eye out for more templates in the future as the team promises frequent updates.

Step 5: Before finalizing your creation, utilize the preview option to ensure your animated face swap meets your expectations. Once content, hit the “Swap face now” button, and let FaceSwapper AI weave its magic.

Best iOS Apps to Do Face Swap on iPhone

When you’re aiming to bring joy to your audience, face-swapping emerges as the ultimate source of amusement. This delightful photo editing pursuit empowers you to effortlessly exchange faces with friends or beloved celebrities, resulting in side-splitting edits that come to life within seconds. With face-swapping apps, the fun is just a tap away, easily creating moments of amusement right from your phone.

Reface: Premier Face Swap Video App

Reface takes face swapping to the next level by enabling live face swaps in videos. Its AI-driven face-swapping capabilities are remarkably realistic, allowing you to immerse yourself in the illusion of adopting someone else’s appearance. Whether you’re crafting GIFs, memes, or experimenting with regular videos, Reface provides an intuitive and entertaining platform. Explore its features, including the viral AI Yearbook, reminiscent of the EPIK app, to generate amusing AI photos.

Cupace: Dedicated Face Swap App

Cupace is a specialized face swap app that concentrates solely on the art of facial transformations. Its unique approach involves selecting a photo, cropping the face, and then choosing another photo to cut out the desired face. The final step involves placing the initially cropped face onto the second photo, resulting in creative and amusing face swaps.

Faceover: Top Photo Face Swap App

Faceover app goes beyond basic face swaps by offering the ability to give everyone in your photo different faces. Whether you want to swap faces with the person next to you or create a hilarious group photo with rotated and flipped faces, Faceover provides realistic results. Fool your friends and followers with edited baby pictures or use the app to paste the same face over everyone in your friend group. Faceover offers a wide range of possibilities for creative and entertaining face swaps.

YouCam Perfect: Ultimate Free Face Swap App

Experience the seamless face-swapping magic with YouCam Perfect’s AI Cutout tool. This user-friendly app allows you to effortlessly cut out your face and conduct flawless face swaps with AI precision. A few taps and swipes place the faces exactly where you desire. Dive into YouCam Perfect’s array of exciting features to elevate your snapshots to a new level!

Who is Face Swapping Websites and Apps  for?

Face Swapping tools caters to a diverse audience and finds applications in various scenarios:

Everyday Users: 

Regular individuals use Face Swapper for lighthearted face swaps with friends and family, adding a touch of amusement to their personal photos.

Social Media Influencers and Content Creators: 

Social media influencers and content creators leverage Face Swapper’s capabilities to craft viral videos and memes, enhancing their online presence and engagement.

Students and Young Audiences: 

Students and young users flock to Face Swapper for crafting humorous face swaps and memes, making it a popular choice for creative and entertaining content.

Businesses and Marketers:

Businesses and marketers utilize Face Swapper as a tool to create compelling and engaging content. Whether it’s for promotional campaigns or adding a humorous touch to brand content, FaceSwapper proves versatile for professional use.


We’ve just taken a look at some cool AI face swapping tools that help you create awesome and professional-looking results. Generate face-swap models for joy, projects and more to create swap face effects with these face swapper apps easily and fast. Just upload the images and replace a face with another one, and you can get a perfectly swapped AI face photo as expected in a couple of clicks.