8 Similarities Between Policemen And Nigerian Ladies


Some similarities between policemen and Nigerian ladies by Nigerian Comic Writer “tosyne2much”.

1. Late coming habit

Late coming

Many will agree with me that Nigerian policemen will be the last to arrive at a robbery scene. Same goes with our ladies when you invite them on a date, they are likely to show up when the waiters are almost driving you away for idle sitting.

2. Indecisiveness


Both of them are indecisive in the sense that they’re sometimes confused when taking decisions. A lady may forsake a kind hearted dude and will throw herself to a dude that will treat her like poo.

3. They’re unnecessarily nice to the rich


We don’t need T. B Joshua to tell us that both of them like money as if their lives depend on it. The moment they get to notice that your pocket is endowed, they will begin to look for way to associate with you.

4. They always want to extort people


Just we know that our policemen are always at the receiving end, so are the ladies. The similarities between them is that whether a policeman visits you or you visit him, he expects you to at least squeeze some naira notes into his pocket. Ladies on the other hand will even expect gifts during workers’ day.

5. They jump into conclusion

Policemen often harass people without any evidence against them, the same way ladies accuse you of cheating without catching you in the act of cheating.

6. They are easily Deceived

Dog picture


Both of them often claim they’re too smart to be deceived but you will agree with me that you can make fool of them if you know how to play your card.

7. They are not appreciative In nature



Both of them are not appreciative in the sense that, if you bribe a policeman today and sees you tomorrow, he will still act like he has never met you before. Ladies are also not appreciative in the sense that you can satisfy them with heaven and earth yet they will still tell you that what have you done that other men have not done for ladies before.

8. They Flirt


After a strenuous day at work, a policeman might chill at a local pepper soup joint gulping beer and flirting with ladies. The same way ladies will be in relationships yet cheat on their boyfriends.

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