iiTzTimmy Biography; Age, Nationality, Girlfriend, Occupation and Net Worth

Fitz Timmy is a prominent social media personality and Twitch streamer. He’s quite known for streaming several video games on his Twitch account.

Profile Summary

Full Name/Nickname Timothy An/Fitz Timmy, Timmy
Gender Male
Date of Birth April 19, 2000 (22 years)
Nationality American Asian
Occupation Twitch Streamer
Girlfriend Sofia
Net Worth $850,000

Who Is Fitz Timmy?

Fitz Timmy is an American Twitch streamer and professional gamer who is known for the gaming streams that he uploads to his Twitch account. Other than that, as a professional gamer, he has competed in League of LegendsCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveRainbow Six SiegePlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and Realm Royale gaming contests.

Early Life of Fitz Timmy


Fitz Timmy was born in an American family on 19 April 2000 in the United States. His real name is considered to be Timothy An and his zodiac sign is Aries. Timothy completed his schooling at an unknown educational institute in his hometown. After graduating, he attended college for higher studies but decided to drop out to pursue his dreams. His ethnicity is Japanese. However, he has not shared any details about his parents on the internet yet. Coming to the details about his siblings, he has two siblings, a brother, and a sister. It is believed that Twitch streamer Acer is his older brother.

Career Life of Fitz Timmy

Since a very young age, Timmy was very interested in playing video games. During his teen years, he usually played League of Legends and CS: GO. At the same time, he began watching gaming streamers, especially Shroud. After being suggested by his friends to do streaming, he created his Twitch channel in October 2016. In the beginning, he primarily streamed League of Legends along with a few other games. However, he stopped streaming after a while as he failed to attract any viewers.

Fitz Timmy always tries playing all the popular games and finally came across the game Apex Legends. He enjoyed playing this game more than any other game. He made a streaming comeback in August 2019. This time he consistently streamed Apex Legends for many hours. As he was good at the game, he joined an esports org named Golden Guardians and stayed with the org for around one year. His consistent streaming schedule has helped him receive a Twitch partnership in just a few months. Apart from streaming Apex Legends, he switches between games such as Valiant, Escapes from Tarkov, Super People, etc. At the moment, his channel is Fitz Timmy, and has more than 1.6 million subscribers.

Like every other Twitch streamer, Timmy also has a presence on YouTube. His channel is Fitz Timmy and it was created back on June 22, 2018. However, Timothy began uploading videos on the channel in August 2019. On the channel, he primarily shares Twitch stream highlights, and everything connected to his games. Currently, the channel has more than 1.05 million subscribers with over 147 million total views and there are already 528 uploaded videos. Apart from YouTube Timmy also shows a certain level of activeness on Instagram and Twitter. His Instagram account is iitztimmy. This platform, the audience of Timmy exceeds 137 thousand followers. On Instagram Timmy posts photos with his friends, from different beautiful places, of course, he does not forget the posts about his games, and most important he posts quite cute and romantic pictures with his girlfriend Aline. She also has an Instagram account, imsofty_, and her account has more than 8 thousand followers. As for Twitter, Timmy joined this social media platform back in July 2017. As of February 2022. His channel is Timmy and has over 294 thousand followers.

Iitztimmy Biography Age Nationality Girlfriend Occupation And Net Worth
                                             iitztimmy and his girlfriend Softi

Relationship Life of Fitz Timmy

iitztimmy is not married, however, he does have a girlfriend named, Aline who also goes by the nickname of soft. The couple has been dating for over 2 years. He usually shares pictures with his girlfriend. iitztimmy Girlfriend Softi is an avid Twitch player. The couple has a common interest in life, including gaming. Timmy An is well with the gaming alias name Iitztimmy. His girlfriend is a big fan of games and has a similar interest in playing online games.

Fitz Timmy Net Worth

iiTzTimmy’s estimated net worth is around $850,000. He majorly earns from Twitch. He makes a decent amount of money through ads, donations, and his YouTube channel with over 870.00K subscribers. His youtube channel started 4 years ago and has 453 uploaded videos.


Timmy Fitz Timmyy” An is a full-time content creator and streamer from the United States of America. He is mostly known for his Apex Legends gameplay. Fitz Timmyy is an American player who last played for Golden Guardians. He is the younger half-brother of the streamer, Acer. He is one of the most popular Twitch users. His girlfriend is soft and he has a net worth of over $850,000.


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