4 Incredible Collaborations Of Buju (BNXN) That Have Turned Out To Be Hits

Incredible Collaborations Of Buju That Have Turned Out To Be Hits

There’s no doubt that BNXN influence in the Nigerian music industry is getting greater as the days goes by.

This can be seen in the different collaboration he has been able to amase in just the limited time he has spent in the industry. In today’s article, we will be disclosing top collaborations of BNXN and the performance of these songs. Here we go:

1. Ladipoe and Buju (BNXN) — Feeling

If there’s any song BNXN would forever remember that gave him the starlight, it would be ‘Feeling‘. The song featured vocals from Ladipoe and BNXN. In that song, BNXN opened the vibe of the song by singing the cover a famous old song which had the lyrics ‘ I like the way I’m feeling now, no come use your raggae spoil my blues ans rhythm now, aaaah’. Ladipoe, on the other hand did not disappoint on that song as he gave a very splendid verse on each hook that BNXN gave. In Ladipoe’s second verse, he passed a message of him wanting a stress free lifestyle for himself and him being all about only positive energy. One thing to note about this song is that BNXN proved his versatility of him being able to blend with any artiste even with a rapper.

2. Pheelz and Buju (BNXN) — Finesse

Ranking number one almost all Nigerian charts, ‘Finesse‘ is undoubtedly one of the hit tracks of 2022. Yes, this is due to the amazing vocal delivery and vocal uniqueness of both Pheelz and BNXN. One thing that made the song stand out is the lyrical content of the song. The lines of the song are such a way that the average Nigerian listener can relate to. Lyrics such as: ‘If I Broke Na My Business’, suggesting that when he goes broke, it’s his concern and would face it. Pheelz indeed need a to be praised for the work done on the beat. He noticed that BNXN thrives on beats with little or minimal instrument, decided to go with it and boom! it is now one if the most played songs in the country.

3. Wizkid and Buju (BNXN) — Mood

In less than 48 hours after its release, Wizkid x Buju’s Mood had over 200,000 downloads. Buju delivers a wonderful chorus for Wizkid to drive in, and the two artists’ flow on the rhythm was so excellent on the beat and so enticing to the international music audience.

4. Timaya and Buju (BNXN)— Cold Outside

Buju’s talent has been elevated to a new level, therefore we shouldn’t expect anything less from him. He is, without a doubt, the great contender for the Next Rated Award.

Timaya made a wise choice in enlisting the help of the prospective Next-Rated nominee.

From the opening to the chorus, the verse, the beat, and the mastering, the music is weighed. It’s just too flawless, and both artists did a fantastic job on the final touches, honestly.