Introducing Invest by FinPadi: A Secure Way to Earn a High ROI on Your Investments

Introducing Invest By Finpadi A Secure Way To Earn A High Roi On Your Investments

Invest by FinPadi is a Safe Way to Get a High Return on Your Investments.

We introduced FinPadi few months ago, and since then, we have aided our clients;

To obtain fast loans whenever you require them.

To programmatically pay bills

How are things going so far?

Nano loans totaling $100,000 have been provided to our clients.

With more bill payment choices like PHCN, Netflix, and movie tickets on the horizon, we have observed significant volumes of transactions for cable TV, broadband, and airtime.

We attracted over 30,000 consumers.

The Big News is Here!

We invested time in creating an investment product that is risk-free, secure, and pays you up to 30% every month on your capital as part of our six-month anniversary celebrations. We now present our maiden investment product, Invest by FinPadi.

Invest by FinPadi investment fund distributes 30% monthly. Invest by FinPadi is a low-risk, high-yield investment that can be accessed through a simple portal.

Please be aware that a 10% withholding tax will be applied on ROI.

Some Benefits of Invest by FinPadi

High Returns on Investment (ROI)

As a digital bank, we can guarantee investors receive their dividends and profits because of the great demand for our high-interest, short-term nano loans.

How does the Invest by FinPadi function?

Step 1: Visit to register with Invest by FinPadi.

Step 2: Fund your investing account via a bank transfer, debit card, or USSD.

Step 3: Choose the interest period from one, three, six, or twelve months.

Step 4: Submit your investment in. It should now be in the processing status. It has been forwarded to our finance department for last-minute confirmation during this time.

Step 5: Your investment is activated.

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