Is Andre Dickens Married and Who Is His Wife?

People have been wondering about Andre’s relationship life ever since he came into the limelight after clinching the mayoral position.

Is Andre Dikens Married And Who Is His Wife
Andre Dikens and his family 

Who Is Andre Dickens?

Andre Dickens is a politician who was raised by his mother, Sylvia Dickens and stepfather, who worked as an aeroplane mechanic. He adopted Andre when he was 7. Andre and his father would take things apart and put them back together, which developed his interest in engineering.

Is Andre Dickens Married?


The famous politician is married to Kimberly Dickens. Unfortunately, because of the couple’s discretion, there is not much information about them in public. However, other sources claim that they are now divorced and only share a daughter. Andre has not come out to state his stance yet.


The politician does not share much about his family, but everyone knows that he has a daughter named Bailey Rain Dickens in elementary school. He once shared a touching post on Instagram about becoming a father and how the situation has taught him so much about love and leadership.


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