Is Billboard Advertising Still an Effective Marketing Tool?

For a long time, billboards have been present in the marketing realm. Although many predicted their end was close, billboards are still doing well even with the rise of the Internet. Will this trend carry on? And what makes an ordinary billboard you pass on when you go to work a powerful marketing tool? Let’s find out!

Going Big

The OOH industry is a billion-dollar market. Let us quote the Outdoor Billboard Floodlight Market Size, By Product Type report: „The Global Outdoor Billboard Floodlight Market has shown remarkable growth, reaching a value of USD 6.8 billion in 2022, and is on track to achieve an estimated worth of USD 11.6 billion by 2032, marking an impressive annual growth rate of 5.3% during this period.”

The crazy growth of cities, the new roads and buildings going up in developing countries have really boosted the outdoor advertising business. With cities getting bigger and bigger, there’s a huge need for OOH, especially in neighborhoods where lots of people live. So if you consider using billboard in your next campaign, don’t hesitate any longer.

How to Prepare an Effective Billboard Campaign?

Captivating Creativity

At the center of every successful billboard campaign lies a great creative concept. It’s more than just displaying a product anymore. It’s about telling a story or sparking curiosity in the blink of an eye. A great visual, clever tagline or smart design can make the difference between a glance and engagement.

Engaging, Not Just Informing

The best campaigns don’t just inform; they engage. Incorporating interactive elements, promo codes, or teasers that prompt viewers to seek more information can turn a passive audience into active customers.

Human Connection

Connecting on a human level can leave a lasting impression far beyond the moment of viewing the ad. So, don’t be afraid to use emotions in your design. Whether it’s humor, nostalgia, or motivation. The funniest and the most moving campaigns stay with viewers for years.

Choosing eye-catching design

The design is ready, and the entire team adores it. There are still some adjustments you should focus on. Before sending your ad to a board rental company, make sure that ordinary viewers will also love it. The easiest way to do so is to test your ad using eye-tracking tools that will help you compare your ad with your competitors or conduct A/B tests. You can read about this functionality here:

Location, Location, Location

The saying holds even in the world of billboards. Strategic placement can make or break a whole campaign. Is the billboard positioned where the target audience frequents? Does it complete the surroundings or stand out in a way that captures attention without being pushy?

Timing and Relevance

Relevance to current trends and seasonality can sweeten a billboard’s impact. Is the campaign well-timed? Does it resonate with what’s happening worldwide or tap into the audience’s current needs or desires? Make sure to answer all those questions right.

Metrics Beyond Views

Measuring success goes beyond the amount of views. Tracking actions taken after viewing the billboard—website visits, social media interactions, or sales—provides a clearer picture of its effectiveness.

The last touches

One more vital thing as you prepare to launch your billboard campaign. Make sure that the action you want to get from users is achievable. For example, if you plan a sale in stores, let merchants know, and be sure the discounted products are marked appropriately.

What about a website or e-commerce? How to schedule their functionalities for OOH campaigns? Of course, prepare your site:

  • Create an appropriate landing page.
  • Make sure the products are available.
  • Double-check the prices.
  • Ensure that the payment gateway is working correctly.

If you create a new subpage or build a site from scratch, check where people focus their attention. Does the “add to cart” button attract attention? Is the purchasing process understandable? Does the crucial information catch the user’s gaze?

Test your website with an eye-tracking tool. You’ll be able to find the most exciting spots on the website and elements that require improvement with great accuracy. RealEye allows you to conduct eye-tracking tests without any additional hardware, so it’s a perfect way to uncover all your website’s hidden insights.