Who is Chris Rock?

Christopher Julius Rock, famously known as Chris Rock, is an actor, producer, stand-up comedian, writer and filmmaker from the United States.

Is Chris Rock Truly A Scientologist As Rumored
Chris Rock

He is widely recognized for his roles in comic film, television, and theatre. However, despite his outstanding achievement in the entertainment industry, there have been some rumours about his religion. So, is Chris Rock a Scientologist?

Is Chris Rock A Scientologist?

Chris is not a Scientologist, and while rumours suggest he is, there is neither affirmation nor evidence to back this up. He lacks a scientific background and isn’t a member of the outlandish Scientologist group.


The speculations about the actors’ association with religion began after the legendary Oscars incident. When entertaining the audience on stage, Chris Rock jested about Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith’s appearance. Smith had been tittering when he unexpectedly approached the stage and smacked Rock.

Following this startling incident, online users familiar with Will Smith’s infamous Scientology portrayal and his popular affiliation with the Scientology cult began to doubt the famous actor’s religious affiliation. What religion does Chris practice? The stand-up comedian comes from a Christian family but appears to be agnostic. He was born into a Christian household in Andrews, South Carolina, and grew up in Brooklyn, New York, participating in a cathedral church. Even though Chris’s family is devoutly Christian, their specific denomination is unknown.


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