Is Lewis Hamilton Gay? What Sexuality Does He Represent?

Who Is Lewis Hamilton?

Lewis Hamilton  is the proud racing driver of England, he is a 7-time F1 champion.His present salary is $40 million. He is a British racing driver who currently drives for Mercedes in Formula. Also, Lewis Hamilton is an avid Arsenal supporter, and he has a tattoo dedicated to the club. He has the initials “AFC” etched on his left ring finger, according to Daily Express. They are now involved in sports business investments after investing as sports fans. Lewis has over 100 wins. His first win was in 2007, the Canadian Grand Prix. He

Some questions about Lewis are currently being asked, and his sexuality happens to be the prominent of all. His sexuality has been a mysterious matter as people asks “is Lewis Hamilton gay?


Below is some facts on Lewis Hamilton that we believe will go a long way in satisfying your numerous questions as regards his sexuality.

Lewis Hamilton and his Support To The LGBTQ Community

Lewis openly supports LGBTQ and often speaks for them. He also raised his voice against some anti-LGBTQ organizations. The way he supports the gay community made people think he is one of them. Even though he is with homosexuals, his past relationships don’t support that “he is gay” and these happens to make Hamilton’s sexual orientation more mysterious.

Seven-time Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton has a long history of advocating for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community and other marginalized groups. He is an outspoken supporter of gay rights and uses his position to spread the word.

At the Jeddah Grand Prix in December of 2017, he slammed Saudi Arabia’s anti-gay laws as he prepared to race. He was afraid the anti-LGBTQ+ laws would make him uncomfortable. According to Bleacher Report, he went on to say that he was worried about not feeling at home in the country. Lewis has long been a vocal advocate for human rights in countries where Formula One races are held. Perhaps Hamilton’s penchant for high-end clothing is what first sparked the rumors about his sexual orientation. He likes to dress up, accessorize, and wear the latest fashions. Fans may learn more about Lewis if he decides to talk about his sexual orientation in public but that he has never done which still keeps the question unanswered.

Is Lewis Hamilton Gay Why Does He Support The Gb

Lewis Hamilton Past Relationship

The racer had a serious relationship in his past. After breaking up with his true love Nicole Scherzinger he was reported to have more affairs, but those relationships broke too fast. So, what happened with Nicole that made Hamilton quit entering into serious relationships? The answer lies in his relationship history.

This motor-sporting legend had a long relationship with Nicole Scherzinger, a pop star. In 2010 the duo was often captured by reporter’s cameras. The couple was seen at different events together. It was known to all that they were dating. According to some reports, their journey of love began in 2007. But in 2015, Hamilton’s fans got shocked knowing Lewis and Nicole broke up. It is unknown who demanded to end things first but seeing Hamilton staying single after the breakup; it seems like Nicole was the first to ask for splitting.  Lewis once spoke about his breakup in an interview. He said, “It may be slightly different in that we are traveling as much as we are, and you are just a way for crazy amounts of time. So that’s probably an additional weight that makes it tough to hold down a good relationship and if things aren’t quite perfect.

In general, for athletes, having the right mindset and trying to find the right balance of how dedicated you are as opposed to resting back and enjoying your quality time, it’s different for everyone.” [Source: Mirror] . Lewis kept a low profile following the breakup of his high-profile relationship with Nicole Scherzinger.

Is Lewis Hamilton Gay? 

Lewis has been linked to these female celebrities, Winnie Harlow, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Kendall Jenner have been linked to Hamilton.

After Nicole and Lewis’ breakup, news spread, and a glamor model Veronica Valle claimed she had an affair with Hamilton for 6 months. However, Lewis Hamilton didn’t say things that supported or went against her claims. He was also connected with Janelle Monáe. She also gave the Sun a piece of different information. She said, “He wasn’t ready. I think she thought he was going to propose. He didn’t and she got mad.” 

Lewis seems to enjoy parties and vacations in private. Whether he is dating anyone right now or not, one thing is clear, Lewis Hamilton’s sexuality is straight.

One can get to know more about him from his instagram account where he uploads photos of his activities. His username is @lewishamilton, with over 27.7 million followers. On a daily basis, he posts updates on his work, family, friends, and interests. Photographs of him in his cars and other opulent possessions can be found online as well. As of 2022, Lewis Hamilton’s net worth is estimated at $285 million.


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