Is Ron White Still Alive? Biography, Net Worth, Age, Marital Status and Career

Ron White is Nicknamed “Tater Salad“, and the author of the book I Had the Right to Remain Silent But I Didn’t Have the Ability, which appeared on the New York Times best-seller list.

Ron White Death Fact Check

This Comedian, actor, and the author has been rumored dead, when he is in fact, not. For several years lots of individuals thought this comedian was dead.


For clarity’s sake, Ron is alive and kicking

Profile Summary on Ron White

Born December 18, 1956 (age 65)
Gender Male
Occupation Standup Comedian, Actor, Author
Nationality American
Lori Brice
Barbara Dobbs
Margo Rey
Genres Country comedy, observational comedy, satire, blue comedy
Net Worth 40 million Dollar

Biography of Ron White

Ron White was born on December 18, 1956. He is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and author, best known as a charter member of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

This friendly attractive funny actor & comedian originating from Fritch, Texas, United States has a chubby body & round face type

Ron White
Ron White

Marital Status

White got married to Lori Brice in the year 1981 and they had one son, Marshall but they eventually got divorced in 1993
In 2004, Ron White remarried​ Barbara Dobbs but the marriage wasn’t meant to last long as yet again, they divorced in 2008.
Ron White met​ Margo Rey, loved her, and again, decided to walk down the marital road with her, so, they got married in 2013 but got divorced in the year 2017.

Award and Recognitions

April 27, 2009, was designated “Ron White Day” in the State of Texas by Texas legislative officials.

He received the Armed Forces Foundation’s “Patriot Award” in March 2009 for his work in raising money to help wounded soldiers.

He also held benefit shows for Hurricane Katrina relief.

He was Grammy-nominated for Best Comedy Album in 2007 & 2014

Solos released by Ron White

White has released seven solo projects to date which include;

  • Tater Salad a.k.a. Busted in Des Moines (1990) (CD)
  • Drunk in Public (2003) (CD)
  • They Call Me “Tater Salad” (2004) (DVD)
  • You Can’t Fix Stupid (2006) (DVD and CD)
  • Behavioral Problems (2009) (DVD)
  • A Little Unprofessional (2013) (DVD and digital download)
  • If You Quit Listening, I’ll Shut Up (2018) (Netflix)

He has appeared on the following compilation albums:

  • Redneck Comedy Roundup (2005)
  • Comedy Central Presents Southern Gents of Comedy (2006)
  • Ron White, Jeff Foxworthy & Bill Engvall: Live from Las Vegas (2004)
  • Redneck Kings of Comedy (2005)

Ron White’s Physical Features

Hair color Light blond
Hair type Straight
Hair Length short hair
Hairstyle classic
Distinct feature Cheekbones
Skin Tone/Complexion Type II: Fair skin
Skin Type Normal
Beard or Mustache Beardless
Eye Color Blue
Does Ron White smoke? Yes, regularly

Ron White Height and Weight

He is 193cm in height with a weight of 108 kilos. His clothing style is alternative and his favorite color is gray. RoRon’soot size is 7 and he has no tattoos on his body.


Ron White is retiring from stand-up at the end of 2022


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