Ivana Knoll: The Former Miss Croatia Promises To Go NAKED If Her Country Wins The World Cup 

Ivana Knoll, the former winner of Miss Croatia has made a huge promise to the country, provided that her national team wins the World Cup.



Croatia has qualified for the third time in its history for the World Cup semi-finals, and for the second time in a row, by beating Brazil on penalties.


While the Croatian players caused a stir on the field, even breaking some World Cup records, one of their fans attracted attention in Qatar.


Former Miss Croatia, Ivana Knoll, made headlines in several newspapers, in part because of her rather unbelievable attire in the colors of the national flag.


Knoll was accused of being “disrespectful” to the host country and Middle Eastern men were so outraged by her outfit that they even took pictures to prove their disgust.


But now, men in her own country will be even more interested in what she wears shortly and will have extra motivation for Zlatko Dalic’s men to go all the way.


Asked by the German press what she would do if Croatia became world champions, Knoll, who was wearing a Croatian flag at the time, replied, “If that happens, the flag falls…”, promising to get naked as a reward.


The 30-year-old’s style went against many of the rules in the Arab country, where men and women are supposed to cover up.


Ivana Knoll has previously stated that she was unaware of these rules, “I first thought that if the World Cup was going to be held there, surely they would allow everything to be comfortable for all the fans, without any of their restrictions.


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