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Being a lady in the music industry is very challenging because they is a high degree of competition in the industry because of the male counterparts in it.

However, could being a lady- band be more challenging?. Today’s article talks about a bunch of ladies who refer to themselves as “Ive members” who have defiled that idea.

Ive Members


I’ve members is a South Korean young lady group signed under Starship Entertainment. The gathering is made out of six individuals: Yujin, Gaeul, Rei, Wonyoung, Liz and Leeseo. They made their introduction on December 1, 2021, with the single collection Eleven. However, to go further in this article, we would be looking at the members of the Ive group.


Yujin, is a South Korean vocalist. She is the head of the South Korean young lady group Ive under Starship Entertainment. Yujin rose to fame in the wake of completing fifth on Mnet’s young lady reality show Produce 48, which made her debut as an individual artist from the girls group- Iz*One (from 2018 to 2021.)

An was brought into the world on September 1, 2003. She went to School of Performing Arts Seoul. A report uncovered that in 2019 she had exited school to focus on her job on Iz*One and she would be self-taught. An has showed up as an entertainer in ads and music recordings.


She appeared as an individual from the young lady bunch IVE on December 1, 2021 with their single collection “Eleven”.

Gaeul has forever been energetic with regards to dance, a lot that she continued to join contest across various competition. At the point when she was approved by a project specialist, she needed to decline because of her folks objection. In any case, she cut an arrangement with them when next she met them once more, they will recognize her ability and backing her fantasy about turning into an icon. Before long, during one of her contests, Gaeul was explored by a staff from Starship Entertainment. Subsequent to passing the audtion, she turned into a trainee. Years after that, she made her debut as an individual of IVE group.

Jang Won

Jang Won was brought into the world on August 31, 2004, in Ichon-dong, Yongsangu, Seoul. Her family comprises of her mom, father and an elder sister. As a kid, she went to woodwind, piano, violin and swimming foundations, including math and English coaching. She was discovered in the city by Starship Entertainment after going to her sister’s center school graduation service. She began rehearsing with Starship Entertainment.

During her period of studentship at Starship Entertainment mid 2018, Jang was picked as a model on a music video supported by Pepsi KOREA that named “LOVE IT LIVE IT”, alongside YDPP and Park Sun.


Liz is an individual from the girls bunch IVE. Her role in the group is performer.Her unmistakable variety is orange, and her particular word is “TASTE”.Liz was brought up on Jeju Island.Her family comprises of father, mother and a more younger sibling.Liz has 2 kitten. Subsequent to becoming a student, she moved to Seoul.She moved to Seoul when she was in high school.



At the point when Leeseo was still in grade school she spent large amount to purchase IZ*ONE’s Jo Yuri photocards. Leeseo prior to rehearsing her winking would eat something harsh first. Leeseo generally wears contact lenses since she is astigmatic.Leeseo was enrolled by Starship Entertainment at a retail chain.


The I’ve pop stars are one of the best group south Korea has ever produced especially when you talk of female bunch doing alot. We’ve all heard of the uprise of K-pop in recent years, right? However, K-pop wouldn’t be where it is if not for these hard-working women.


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