Jacinta Garay Biography, Nationality, Family Life, Marital Status, Notable Son, Occupation and Net Worth

Jacinta Garay Biography Nationality Family Life Marital Status Notable Son Occupation And Net Worth

Jacinta Garay rose to the limelight for being the mother of Giancarlo Stanton.

Profile Summary

Full Name Jacinta Garay
Gender Female
Nationality African-American
Ethnicity Puerto Rican
Marital Status Divorced
Ex-Spouse Mike Stanton
Famed son Giancarlo Stanton
Famous as Giancarlo Stanton‘s mother

Meet Jacinta Garay

She is  better known and addressed as Giancarlo “Cruz “. Jacinta Garay belongs to the African-American and Puerto Rican ethnicity. She was formerly married to Mike Stanton, an ex Baseball player who was a member of  Major League Baseball (MLB) and played as a left-handed relief pitcher from 1989 to 2007.

Jacinta Garay Biography Nationality Family Life Marital Status Notable Son Occupation And Net Worth

Giancarlo Stanton and his mother, Jacinta Garay.

Jacinta Garay’s ex-spouse, Mike retired from pitching career to  start hosting a show for “Houston Astros”, and he anchored the AT&T Sports Net in the  Southwest region. Their union produced  Giancarlo Stanton and 2 other children.

Jacinta Garay is a mother of three children. During the 10 years old conjugal  union with Mike,  the duo  welcomed two sons, Egidio Carlos and Giancarlo Stanton. The ex-couple also welcomed a daughter whom they named Kyrice.

Among the three children, Giancarlo Stanton was the middle child, born on November 8,  1989. Giancarlo is now known for his outstanding physical appearance, his height stands at 6 feet 6 inches while his weight stands at 245 pounds. In addition to that, Jacinta Garay’s oldest son Egidio is a teacher by profession. Currently, he is tutoring in the political science department of  California’s Glendale Community College

Who Is Jacinta Garay’s Son?

Giancarlo Stanton Jacinta’s don, and he is a  professional baseball player, assigned hitter and outfielder for  “New York Yankees” a Major Basketball League. He has driven the National League (NL) more than once in grand slams.

In 2012, he emerged as the winner of Wilson Defensive Player of the Year Award. Giancarlo Stanton also made it to the top at the 2 times Silver Slugger Award in 2014 and 2017, Likewise, he was the 2 times National League Leader for the Home Run team in 2014 and 2017.  Stanton was meritoriously part of Gold medalist Team at the World Baseball Classic in Los Angeles (in 2017).

Jacinta Garay’s Relationship Status and Social Life

Jacinta has not revealed anything about her relationship and  marital status after her divorce with Mike. Jacinta Garay remains silent and does not share anything about her relationship in the limelight. Therefore it is not clear whether she remarried, courting anyone or plan to remarry.

On the contrary, Jacinta Garay’s ex-husband, Mike, who is 52 years old, revealed  that he was no longer in a relationship. The revelation came after their ten-year-old marriage failed due to a slew of problems and misunderstandings  in their relationship. He seems to be content with his single status and is quite occupied with his career and is much more active on social media as Mike Stanton.

Jacinta Garay Net Worth

Jacinta Garay is living a private life that is why it is hard to predict  her net wealth or estimated earnings. However, her son , Giancarlo Stanton has piled  a massive net wealth of $40 million.  he has played  countless games and has won some awards too. Her son’s estimated salary stood at 29 million USD. During his minor leagues, he got a signatory with Florida Marlins, receiving a $475,000 bonus. As he earns a huge sum of money from his professional career, Giancarlo is no doubt enjoying a lavish life with his family.


During their marriage, Jacinta Garay and her ex-husband worked at the US Postal Service. Due to several problems in their union, Jacinta Garay and Mike called it a quit after being together for 10 years. Stanton was only eight years old when  his parents separated.

 Despite the failed marriage between Giancarlo Stanton’s parents, he still attributes them as  important part of his support system and so he respects both parents.