Jamiko Vaughn Biography, Nationality, Family Life, Marital Status and Professional Choice

Jamiko Vaughn Sapp is a beautiful young lady who was once married to former NFL player Warren Sapp.

Profile Summary

Full Name Jamiko Vaughn Sapp
Gender Female
Nationality American
Occupation Nil
Marital Status Divorced
Ex-Spouse Warren Sapp
Children 2
Current Relationship Status Single

Who is Jamiko Vaughn?

Jamiko Vaughn is the former wife to Warren Sapp. She is currently single. Jamiko’s career path is currently unavailable.

Jamiko Vaughn Biography Nationality Family Life Marital Status And Professional Choice
Jamiko Vaughn

Marital Status of Jamiko Vaughn


Jamiko used to be married to Warren Sapp, until they ended up having a divorce. Vaughn and her hall of famer ex, are currently making gossip headlines after it’s been reported she’s taking him to court over a $3 million.

They got married at a Pro Bowl celebration in the late ’90s in Hawaii and were together for several years while Sapp was constantly fooling around. Jamiko finally divorced him and got a total of $13,168 per month in child support for each kid.

Who is Jamiko Vaughn Ex-Husband?

Warren Sapp is a former football defensive tackle who played for 13 seasons in the National Football League. He was born to a single mother in Orlando, Florida, and was raised in Plymouth, Florida. Warren is one of three players to have his number retired by the Buccaneers. He was even placed into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2013.


Warren Sapp’s wife Jamiko Vaughn is lived in the 18,000 square-foot mansion in the hoity-toity Orlando area neighborhood of Windermere after the divorce.

But on 1 November 2012, the house was auctioned off and sold for $2.9 million due to her husband’s debt. According to her Facebook account, she now lives with her two beautiful children, a son and a daughter, in Windermere, Florida.


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