Jo Galloway Biography, Nationality, Relationship Status, Vast Career Choices and Net Worth

Jo Galloway is a famously accomplished professional Actress, Singer, Dancer, Writer and International Voice Artist.

Profile Summary

Full Name Jo Galloway
Gender Female
Nationality South African
Relationship Status Undisclosed
Occupation Actress, Singer, Dancer, Writer and International Voice Artist.
Net Worth $2 Million

 Who is Jo Galloway?

Jo Galloway is a South African woman that does a tad of everything. She is skilled and is a real “handyman”. Galloway is an Entertainer, Artist, Voice entertainer and Writer.


She has scholastically prepared in this just as her long inclusion in the field has given her sufficient opportunity to hone the abilities to be far and away superior.

Early Life of Jo Galloway

Jo Galloway is Originally from Cape Town, South Africa. She grew up there and had a great adolescence in the lovely country.

Jo came from a family of actors, she didn’t have much choice as to what she would end up doing with her life. Coming from a group of entertainers and needed to be an entertainer from a little age, has forged her to follow this path in life.

Jo holds her International Tap & Modern Dance Teacher qualifications through the Waterfront Theatre School in Cape Town and the I.S.T.D London.

Jo Galloway Biography Nationality Vast Career Choices And Net Worth
Jo Galloway

Jo Galloway’s Career Path

Jo Galloway made the move out to the States in 2012 to continue or rather sharpen her career.  She is qualified in Speech and Drama & Musical Theatre and holds her International Tap & Modern Dance Teacher qualifications through the Waterfront Theatre School in Cape Town and the I.S.T.D London. Jo has performed lead roles in professional theatre productions such as “Cats,” “The Full Monty,” “The Buddy Holly Story,” “Hairspray,” “Happily Ever Laughter,” “African Footprint,” “Look Back In Anger,” “Some Girls,” “Boeing-Boeing,” “Perfect Wedding,” “All For Art,” and the award nominated production “Infantryman In the Wardrobe,” which she also wrote and directed.

Jo was nominated twice for her stage performances, in the roles of Demeter in “Cats,” followed by Amber in “Hairspray.” Before leaving South Africa, she moved into television and film, where she co-wrote and performed in the hit sketch comedy TV show “Sketch U Later,”(South Africa’s answer to SNL), as well as playing a lead role in the award-winning television drama “Intersextions.”

In addition to performing, Jo writes and produces original scripts for film and stage, as well as teaching acting, drama and dance to young actors through her production and entertainment company, ShoWorks Entertainment.

Jo Galloway Net Worth

Jo Galloway net worth is estimated to be worth over $2 Million. She has meticulously gathered this fortune from her numerous arms of skill and career choices.


Jo Galloway is additionally an Essayist and Chief. Of a surety, this woman is one load of talents packed in one person.

Jo has most recently been working on the production and acting side of multi-camera comedy shows such as “ANTfarm,” “Mighty Med,” “Bunk’d,” “Gamers Guide” and “School Of Rock.” Some of her other TV & film credits include “FAM,” “Masters of Sex,” “The Bandit Hound,” “The Orville,” “All Wrong,” “The Dark Tapes,” “American Nightmare,” “The Forbidden Cure” and the feature film “The Last Sacrament.”

A well-known and experienced international Voice Artist with years of experience, Jo has managed to stop the voices in her head from driving her slightly mad by voicing characters and accents for numerous clients. Schizophrenia is starting to set in, so you’ll probably need to hire her before the end of the year.  Jo is also an avid and qualified NAUI Advanced Scuba Diver.


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