Job Searches: Discover Ways Of Finding Jobs When Relocating To Canada

Many foreign nationals see Canada as a land of opportunity, with the hope of providing a comfortable life for themselves and their families. One of our clients’ main concerns is where to find work in Canada.

While finding a job in Canada is difficult, it is not impossible! The steps you need to take to make the most of your Canadian job search are outlined below.


A job offer from a Canadian employer can increase your chances of being invited to apply for permanent residence.

Candidates with job offers are eligible for additional Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points under Express Entry.

A job offer is also required for many Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) that are linked to Express Entry.

According to Statistics Canada, immigrants make up more than a quarter of Canada’s workforce.

With an aging population and significant labor shortages, Canada is in greater need of skilled workers than ever.

What are the most in-demand jobs in Canada?

The 15 most in-demand jobs in Canada for 2022/2023, according to multinational employment agency Randstad, are:

Account executive

Manager of Developer Marketing

Licensed nurse

Customer service representative for drivers


Accountant Engineer Cloud architect

Human Resources Manager

IT project manager for electricians

Mechanical designer

Accountants’ assistants

If you have experience in one of these fields, your abilities could be in high demand!

Finding Work in Canada

In November 2021, employment in Canada surpassed pre-COVID levels, making it an excellent time for those looking for work in the country.

Here is a list of resources that may be useful to you during your job search.

Job Bank of Canada:

This tool can assist you in searching for jobs posted by employers throughout Canada. Based on your qualifications and work experience, you may be matched with a job.

Jobs with the Government of Canada: Search for current job openings with the Canadian government.

Student Employment: Look for job openings for students that have been posted by the Canadian government and private employers.

How to Recognize a Fake Job Offer.

Job offer fraud is on the rise, particularly in the immigration industry. As a leading immigration law firm in Canada, it is our priority to do everything possible to ensure that our clients avoid mistakes or scams, such as a phony job offer, during their immigration journey.

To begin with, it is illegal to ask someone to pay for a Canadian job or a job offer letter.

Any job offer letter should be printed on the company’s official letterhead and include their contact information.

Job application in Canada

The five steps below will walk you through the process of applying for a job in Canada!

Update your resume or curriculum vitae and cover letter: A resume, also known as a curriculum vitae (CV), is a document that contains information about your education, achievements, and work history.

An employer will frequently look at your resume and cover letter first. Making a good first impression is critical.

Your resume should include all relevant work experience as well as personal and professional accomplishments that you are proud of.

Your cover letter should explain why you are qualified for the position.

Do you need assistance? See our guide to writing a Canadian resume.

Spend some time researching companies where you think you might want to work.

You can learn about the company culture and job opportunities by visiting their websites.

Take advantage of social media: When used properly, social media can be a powerful networking tool that can aid in your job search.


Check out our guide to help you improve your social media presence for your Canadian job search.

Strong references help employers learn more about you and your work history. This can be a useful resource when looking for work.

Requesting references from previous employers in your home country can help you land a job in Canada.

Follow up: In a competitive job market, checking in with the employer and demonstrating your enthusiasm for the position can help you stand out.

You can follow up after submitting your resume to show your interest, as well as after an interview to thank them for their time.


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