Joy Crookes, a singer, and songwriter who is one of the most well-known young artists right now has amassed a lot of followers over the years.


Joy Crookes is a British-Bangladeshi musician who recently released her song When You Were Mine which captivated the attention of more than 13 million listeners after she uploaded it on her Youtube Channel, Joy Crookes.

Joy has paved way for herself in the music industry as her debut studio album, Skin was released in October 2021 to widespread critical acclaim, earned a nomination for the Rising Star Award and Brit Awards, and charted in the top five in the United Kingdom in 2020.

Who are Joy Crooke’s Parents?

Joy Elizabeth Akther Crookes, who goes by the stage name Joy Crook was born to a Bangladeshi mother from Dhaka and an Irish father from Dublin. She grew up in Elephant and Castle. When she aged 14, her parents separated, and she moved with her mother to Ladbroke Grove.

Joy Crookes represents British South Asian roots and her identity in her music. Crooks attended a paid Portland Place School in central London for her secondary education. M Magazine wrote about Crookes early in her career. She may not be a singer who graduated from school, but her mastery compensates for her lack of experience in sound.

Joy Crookes Boyfriend

Brooklyn Beckham and Joy Crookes once dated. But in 2018, their romance came to a terrible end. Crookes has not yet been romantically associated with anyone.

The Inspiration Behind Her Love for Music

Joy revealed in an interview with BBC that she was exposed to music while driving with her father to her Irish dancing lessons, and he wanted to give her a real education. There’s something here for everyone, from Nick Cave to King Tubby to all of this Pakistani music. Before her Irish grandfather, Frankie Crookes died in 2018, Crookes tattooed his name on her arm.

Her Journey Through Music

In April 2013, when he was 14, Crooks uploaded a cover of Ray Charles` Hit the Road Jack on YouTube. The video attracted the attention of more than 600,000 viewers, especially the current manager, a few months later.

At the age of 17, Crookes released their debut singles “New Manhattan,” “Sinatra,” and “Bad Feeling” in June 2017. Crocs released the single “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now” in June 2021. It became the third top single in the UK Asian Top 40 and was featured in the EA Sports video game FIFA 22. It became the lead single for his debut album. The skin she revealed with the August 2021 title track release.

The London-based singer gained interest in singing after attending a jazz and blues workshop and, by age 13, had started publishing covers of Laura Marling and reggae on YouTube.

The singer released a cover version of The Wannadies’ 1994 single “You & Me Song” in September 2020, which was featured in an O2 TV commercial and charted in both the UK Singles Downloads and the UK Singles Sales charts.

This musician who started from nothing has won admiration from across the globe. Detectmind prays that may her journey through the path of life for greater heights be swift and steady.

Joy Crookes Net Worth

Joy Crooke is an Irish-Bangladeshi musician who recently released her song When You Were Mine which captivated the attention of more than 13 million listeners. As of 2022, Joy Crookes’ net worth is estimated to range from US$1 million to US$4 million.

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