Kai David Singh Biography, Age, Nationality, Family, Parents and their Professionalism

Kai David Singh Stenson is a famous celebrity child. Kai David Singh Stenson got fame and limelight as the son of Irish director cum British actress.

Profile Summary

Full Name Kai David Singh
Gender Male
Date of Birth May 19, 2009
Nationality Irish
Parents James Stenson and Parminder Nagra
Famous as son of Parminder Nagra, a British actress

Who is Kai David Singh?

Kai David Singh was born on May 19, 2009. His father’s name is James Stenson and his mother’s name is Parminder Nagra. David’s father James is a famous Irish director as well as a cinematographer while her mother Parminder is a British actress. His parents are no more together. Kai is living with his mother and he is very close to his mom.


He is best known as the son of Parminder Nagra, a British actress, and her ex-husband James Stenson, an Irish director and cinematographer.

Kai David Singh Biography Age Nationality Family Parents And Professionalism
Kai David Singh and his mother, Parmider Nagra

Who Are the Parents of Kai David Singh?

David’s parents are Parmider Nagra and his father’s name is James Stenson. The duo were known to have dated for 7 years before getting married on January 17, 2009. Their marriage is blessed with Kai David Singh Stenson. The couple experienced difficulties in their relationship after three years and chose to go their separate ways. The couple sought a legal separation in 2012 and finalized the process in 2013. David’s parent’s divorce’s cause remains a mystery.

As of now, Nagra is single as there is no media coverage regarding her present love life. She is spending her quality time with her son maintaining a low-key profile. Because it was the idea of Kai’s mother, their wedding ceremony was specifically performed in an Indian way.

The little child’s parents split in 2012 owing to irreconcilable disagreements despite the fact that he was born in 2011. Since that time, he has lived with his mother while his biological father remarried and now has two sons from a previous marriage.

Kai David Singh’s Parents Professional Life

The mother of Kai David Singh Stenson is a well-known actress who received her big break in Bend It Like Beckham. She portrayed a young Sikh football player in the film with A-list actors Keira Knightley, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and Anupam Kher. She then worked on numerous TV episodes and films, including Ella Enchanted, ER, Batman, Bird Box, Five Feet Apart, Awaken, The Blacklist, Thirteen Reasons Why, God Friended Me, and many others, to keep a solid career.

David’s father is a skilled photographer and director of photography. Numerous locations, including Tate Modern, the Photographers’ Gallery in London, the Photo Gallery Cardiff, and others, have collections of his works. In addition, he produced Kelly, a documentary that won awards.


Kai David Singh Stenson has not started his career yet. He has not involved himself in any movies or TV shows. He is a celebrity child who got media attention right from birth. Regardless of what he does in the future, he will continue to keep his name in the public eye and in news articles.


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