Kalliope Rice, Biography, Age, Nationality, Family and Acting Career

Kalliope Rice is the daughter of Jeremy Rice, a director, and Kate Rice (Atcheson), a playwright and actor who has won numerous awards. She is a young actress who started in Western Australia. Multiple television ads and short films filmed in Perth, Australia, featured Kalliope. Her older sister, Angourie Rice is also a talented young model and actress as well.

Profile Summary

Full Name Kalliope Rice
Date of Birth/Birthplace 2004/Perth, Australia
Gender Female
Nationality Australian
Occupation Actress
Parent Jeremy Rice and Kate Rice (Atcheson)

Who is Kalliope Rice?

Kalliope Rice is a beautiful and versatile Australian actress and model. She was born in Australia in 2004, and her parents are well-known Australian figures. Kalliope enjoyed her childhood years with her sister. The best resources were made available to them by their parents. While her father, Jeremy Rice, is a well-known film director, Kalliope’s mother, Kate Rice, is a seasoned actress.

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Kalliope Rice

Career Path of Kalliope Rice


Kalliope’s most recent work is in the Purple film, where she portrays the character, Molly. When this movie came out, she was only 11 years old. Kalliope has only produced a total of three movies, including short films. But in the future, we may anticipate seeing more of her.


Kalliope Rice is a young actress who began her career in Perth, Western Australia. She comes from a theatrical family: she is the daughter of actress and award-winning playwright Kate Rice (aka Kate Atcheson) and director Jeremy Rice (Trapped, Pacific Drive). Her older sister Angourie Rice is also an accomplished young actress. Kalliope has appeared in numerous short films and television commercials shot in Perth, Western Australia.

Angourie and Kalliope both had lovely childhoods due to their parents’ attention to detail and readiness to comply with their wishes. Angourie made her acting debut as Rose in the 2013 film These Final Hours. She later made appearances in films including Spiderman: Homecoming, The Nice Guys, Walking with Dinosaurs, Jasper Jones, and Spiderman: Far from Home, and she will play Betty Brant in the next Marvel superhero movie, Spiderman: No Way Home. Angourie has also appeared in several television programs, including Mare of Easttown, The Doctor Black Mysteries, and Black Mirror.

As an actress and model who has already begun her career, Kalliope will undoubtedly have a better future.


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