Keith Wuornos Biography, Age, Nationality, Family, Sister and Cause of Death

Keith Wuornos Biography Age Nationality Family Brother

Keith Wuornos is the elder brother of ‘Aileen Wuornos: American Boogeywoman’ Aileen is a serial killer, with a particular focus on her manipulations. Aileen slew seven men within a mere 12 months while she was in her early 30s (1989-1990), she’d begun her journey with petty thefts, alleged taboo sexual encounters, and lies.

Profile Summary

Full Name Keith Wuornos
Gender Male
Date of Birth March 14, 1955
Nationality American
Sister Aileen Wuornos
Famous as Brother of American Serial Killer, Aileen Wuornos

Early Life of Keith Wuornos and His Sister, Aileen Wuornos

Aileen and Keith Wuornos were like typical siblings, but the truth is that they’d bonded over tumultuous experiences and had found solace in each other in more ways than one. Their parents had eloped to tie the knot when their mother, Diane, was just a teen, only to welcome Keith less than a year later — on March 14, 1955. Aileen came along in February 1956, yet Diane had already filed for divorce by that point, igniting further struggles that drove her to abandon her children for a new life in 1960. That’s when the siblings were adopted by their maternal grandparents.

Keith and Aileen’s grandparents raised the duo with their own two kids in Michigan, so they didn’t even know about their actual parents until they were adolescents. That, combined with the claim that they were strict alcoholics who reportedly neglected and abused family members, supposedly led the siblings to only confide in one another and even experiment sexually. In short, Keith and Aileen engaged in an incestuous connection for quite a while, possibly regularly, till the time her grandfather kicked her out at 15 — after she’d been given birth to a son (whom she apparently named Keith).

How did Keith Wuornos Die?

On July 17, 1976, 21-year-old Keith Wuornos passed away after losing his battle with oesophageal cancer in Michigan. According to reports, there were no signs of foul play, let alone evidence of a shooting, meaning that Aileen could not have killed him. Though, she did receive a pay-out of $10,000 from his life insurance policy, which she allegedly blew through within a short time. All of this transpired just around the time Aileen was facing a restraining order and an annulment from her 69-year-old husband, Lewis Gratz Fell. In other words, Keith did not live to see his sister become a serial killer.

Keith Wuornos Sister, what is Her Story?

Aileen Wuornos killed seven men inside a time of a year. Wuornos’ first casualty was Richard Charles Mallory who was 51 years of age and was the proprietor of a hardware store in Clearwater. She killed him on November 30, 1989. She asserted that she killed him with good reason when he endeavoured assault.

Aileen then, at that point, killed David Andrew Spears who was a development labourer. His bare dead body was found on June 1, 1990, and was shot multiple times. Her next target was Charles Edmund Carskadon whose dead body was found on June 6, 1990, with nine slug shots.

Aileen further killed Peter Abraham Siems who was a resigned dealer sailor he was missing, and his body was rarely found. Then, at that point, the following casualty was Troy Eugene Burress whose body was seen as on August 4, 1990, with two shots.


Keith Wuornos never lived to see his sister commit all these crimes and earned herself the tag of a serial killer. Aileen also killed Charles Richard “Dick” Humphreys whose body was found on September 12, 1990, with six shots in the head and middle. Wuornos last targe was Walter Jeno Antonia. His bare body was found on November 19, 1990, in Dixie County. He was shot multiple times.