Kenney Rodriguez Biography: Age, Wife, Car & Net Worth

This Article Outlines Kenney Rodriguez biography which gives you information about Kenney Rodriguez.

  • Name Kenney Rodriguez

  • Date of Birth 10 January

  • Marital Status Married

  • Nationality American and Puerto Rican

  • Occupation Unavailable


Kenney Rodriguez Biography

Kenney Rodriguez was brought into the world on January 10, is a Puerto Rican financial manager, and the spouse of Nigerian famous entertainer, Uche Jumbo.

Kenney Rodriguez Marriage


Uche Jumbo and Kenney got married on May 16, 2012 in Puerto Rico, with the association favored with a child, Mathew.

Uche and Kenny got married on May 16th 2012 in Puerto Rico which is the husband country of origin.

The association is honored with a child, Matthew.

Kenney Rodriguez Controversy

In July 2017, it was reported that Kenney Rodriguez cheated on Uche Jumbo, however the Puerto Rican took to his Instagram page to deny those allegation.

She was sorry to her adoration, saying she doesn’t deserve every bite of the bits of controversy


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