Kylie Jenner Is Lynched By Internet Users (Photos)

The reality TV star has been at the center of a controversy for the past few days. Kylie Jenner is known not only for being a member of the most mediatized family in the world but also for being the youngest billionaire by Forbes.

Put under the spotlight since her childhood the young woman has quickly had her moment of glory. Kylie and her famous family called the Kardashians-Jenners were known through their family show “The Incredible Kardashian Family”. And then in her series “Life of Kylie”, a show about her daily life. Rich and very popular, Kylie does not hesitate to post her fortune and her extravagant expenses on her social accounts.

This time she attracts the wrath of Internet users who call her a “climate criminal”.


The star would have used her private jet for a 3-minute flight. While the debate on global warming is still going on. However, the Instagram influencer has still not reacted to her accusations.

Here are some pictures of Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner


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