Ladipoe – Feeling Ft. Buju (BNXN)

Ladipoe – Feeling Ft. Buju (BNXN)

Mavin Singer, Ladipoe has released yet another impressive Song tittled feeling featuring Buju also known better as BNXN (Benson).

Ladipoe and Buju, two Nigerian artists, collaborated on the largest song and collaboration of 2021.

Ladipoe raps about the desire to find happiness even in the face of hardships on “Feeling,” providing a sonic relief from our problems. Life is brief, and enjoyment is what motivates us to keep going. Ladipoe and Buju suggest that we take a breather, throw our hands in the air, and let go.

The Song FEELING‘ Was produced by Andre Vibez .

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In the ever-evolving world of Nigerian music, a track that manages to seamlessly blend multiple genres, striking the perfect balance between soulful lyricism and infectious grooves, is a rare gem. Such is the case with Ladipoe’s “Feeling,” a collaboration featuring the talented Buju, with production by BNXN. This song is more than just a musical creation; it’s a testament to the power of collaboration, the magic of innovative production, and the universal language of vibes.

Ladipoe’s Rise and Artistry:

Ladipoe, whose real name is Ladipo Eso, has carved a unique niche for himself in the Nigerian music scene. Known for his smooth flows, insightful lyricism, and versatility, Ladipoe has been steadily gaining recognition as one of the country’s top-tier rappers. His ability to seamlessly switch between rap and melodic singing sets him apart, and his music often carries a relatable message that resonates with a wide audience.

Buju’s Vibrant Presence:

Buju, on the other hand, has been making waves with his distinct Afro-fusion sound. His music is characterized by an enchanting blend of Afrobeat, reggae, and contemporary Nigerian vibes. With his captivating voice and ability to infuse his tracks with heartfelt emotion, Buju has established himself as an artist to watch.

BNXN’s Production Magic:

The production of “Feeling” is the work of the talented BNXN (pronounced “bainxan”), a Nigerian record producer and musician. His knack for crafting instrumentals that blend various genres while maintaining a cohesive sound adds an essential layer to the track. BNXN’s ability to create a musical landscape that enhances the lyrics and performances of Ladipoe and Buju makes “Feeling” a standout production.

The Essence of “Feeling”:

“Feeling” is a celebration of life’s simple pleasures, those moments when you find yourself immersed in good vibes, enjoying the company of friends, and appreciating the beauty of the present. The song exudes a positive energy, capturing the essence of joy and carefreeness. It’s a track that encourages us to embrace the feeling of being alive, to relish the happiness that comes from being in the moment.

The Lyrical Brilliance:

Ladipoe’s verses in “Feeling” showcase his lyrical prowess. His wordplay, metaphors, and clever delivery come together to create an engaging narrative. He effortlessly weaves through the beat, sharing anecdotes and observations about life, success, and the pursuit of happiness. Ladipoe’s verses add depth to the song, elevating it from a mere feel-good track to a piece of art that invites reflection.

Buju, too, shines with his infectious chorus. His melodic vocals bring a soulful touch to the song, elevating its emotional resonance. The collaboration between Ladipoe and Buju is a harmonious meeting of two distinct styles that complement each other seamlessly.

The Magic of Vibes:

What makes “Feeling” truly special is its ability to capture a feeling