Let’s Talk About Australian Chef, Andy Allen’s Wife

Who is Andy Allen?

Andrew Peter Allen is an Australian cook born on 30th April 1988. He is notable for winning the fourth season of MasterChef Australia in 2012, and for being a judge on MasterChef Australia from 2020. Allen was originally an electrician by occupation. He is also a basketball player with the Maitland Mustangs. He also volunteered to work on extensions to his local basketball stadium. Allen’s father Peter is a teacher at Bolwarra Public School and was also the primary cricket convenor for the NSW Primary Schools Sports Association.

Lets Talk About Andy Allens Wife
Andy Allen and his wife, Alex Davey

Who is Andy Allen’s Wife?

Andy Allen’s sweetheart is Alex Davey. The lovebirds were noted to have said their vows in front of all their celebrity friends as they got married in a glamorous tent outside the Terrara House at 3:40pm while rain poured. Some guests included names such as Magdalena Roze and husband Darren Robertson, Melissa Leong and boyfriend Rob Mason and former Bachelor alum Cat Henesey-Smith.



Allen won the fourth season of MasterChef Australia. After making it to the final, Allen beat fellow finalists Audra Morrice and Julia Taylor in a three-way contest. Facing only Taylor for the final two rounds, Allen won with a score of 76 to Taylor’s 68. Allen appeared in an episode of MasterChef Australia All-Stars in August 2012.

He returned in the eleventh season as a professional Secret Chef, and lost to Sandeep Pandit by a perfect score, 30, in an Immunity Pin Challenge. His score was kept secret but was revealed on Facebook to be 24. In October 2019, he was announced as one of three of the new MasterChef judges who will replace George Calombaris, Gary Mehigan and Matt Preston.


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