5 Types Of People To Whom We Owe Recognition

Recognition is an operation of the mind: it is an evaluation.  This appreciation is always accompanied by a certain amount of contentment.


To say thank you is to acknowledge that we owe a debt to a third party who has provided us with a benefit.

Recognition sometimes elicits affection.  The benefit received from that person is so precious to us that we owe it to ourselves to thank that person for having provided it to us.

So it is important to know how to say thank you when someone for do good thing to you.  Here are the 5 types of people to whom it is important to know how to say thank you.


#1. The one who worries about you


Not everyone is likely to wish you well.  There are people who love to see you suffer and drown in your own helplessness.  There are also those people who worry about your well being every day, reward them with this little word “thank you” which means a lot.

#2. The one who corrects you


Instead of booing you as some would do, this category of people helps you to improve your mediocrity or lack of know-how etc…

#3.  The one who is always with you

Friendship Zone

In misfortune as in happiness, this person will always offer you a hand and a shoulder to lean on.  It would be very selfish not to thank them.

#4. The one who always wants to see you smile


If you have found this person, take care of him because he is a rare pearl!.

#5. He who tells you the truth

true friend

It’s not easy being able to look someone in the eye and tell them the truth to their face.  Whoever does it only wants to do you good.  Be thankful!

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