Man gets arrested In Rivers State after playing a p*rn video on a billboard

According to current reports, a guy was arrested in Port-Harcourt for getting unauthorized access to an electronic billboard and streaming X-rated video on it.


The LED board, which was located near the Garrison area, was quickly turned off after passersby complained about the sexual material broadcast on the screen, according to reports and videos that circulated online.


On Thursday, at 8:00 a.m., the porn tapes were accidentally broadcast. The films were taken by amused passersby, who later shared the obscene videos on social media.

In one viral video, an unidentified man riding in his car with a companion videotaped the moment the billboard’s pornographic content was displayed.

The unidentified individual who recorded the video speculates that the person in charge of the billboard videos may have forgotten that he or she has “mind-altering” content on his or her devices.

Meanwhile, the billboard’s owners have promised that the perpetrator will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law in a statement.“


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