Mary Jolivet Biography, Nationality, Career Life, Son, Spouse and Her Supportiveness to her Children

Mary Jolivet is a mother of two, Nick Wolfhard and Finn Wolfhard. Nick was born on October 21, 1997, while Finn was born on December 23, 2002, in Vancouver, Canada. Many people know about the mother-and-son duo of Mary Jolivet and Finn Wolfhard since Finn is a talented actor. Mary Jolivet, Finn Wolfhard’s mother, has been a great pillar in her son’s life, more so in his career. Her support when Finn was young catapulted the movie star and got him incredible roles.

Profile Summary

Full Name Mary Jolivet
Gender Female
Nationality Canadian
Spouse Eric Wolfhard
Children Nick Wolfhard (October 21, 1997) and Finn Wolfhard (December 23, 2002)
Occupation Freelancer

Early Life of Mary Jolivet?

Mary Jolivet was born in Vancouver, Canada, to a French father, Lawrence Charles Jolivet and Trish Jolivet. She also has one brother, Timothy.


She attended Langara College, where she studied visual display and design. She also went to Institute Catholique de Paris, where she learnt French culture.

Mary Jolivet Biography Age Nationality Family Son Career And Net Worth
Mary Jolivet and family

Career Path of Mary Jolivet

Mary Jolivet worked for her husband for many years as an assistant director. She later worked for the brand Dormouse Design. The brand creates clothes for children. Mary does freelance window display and merchandising for Dormouse Design. Despite her work, she finds being a mother the most important role.

Mary Jolivet’s Son, who is He?

Finn Wolfhard was born on December 23rd, 2002, to his parents Mary Jolivet and Eric Wolfhard. He was brought up in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada just like his mother, and started his career as a child artist in 2012.

He is now a famous actor, director, and musician based in Canada and is most popular for his role as Mike Wheeler in Stranger Things. IT, Pinocchio, the 100, and Ghostbusters: Afterlife are some of his other famous movies.

Mary Jolivet Biography Age Nationality Family Son Career And Net Worth
Finn Wolfhard

He did modelling for the first time in 2019 and is also the main vocalist of his band. He has directed short movies including Spendtime Palace: Sonora and Night Shift. Finn has also composed his songs and has gathered many awards for his talents.


Mary’s husband, Eric Wolfhard, is a researcher and a certified analyst. He is knowledgeable about native and land issues. Eric studied art and policy at the University of British Columbia and earned a law degree from the University of Toronto.


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