Mayorkun – Holy Father ft Victony

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Mayorkun, a DMW singer and songwriter, has released a new song titled Holy Father, which features Victony, a talented afrobeats singer.

Former DMW music star Mayorkun is back with a new song titled “Holy Father,” which he co-wrote with Victony. The new song is taken from his upcoming album “Back In Office.”

Listen to and download Mayorkun’s “Holy Father” featuring Victony below.

Collaborations in the music industry often give rise to unique and diverse tracks that showcase the talents of multiple artists. Mayorkun’s “Holy Father,” featuring Victony, is a powerful example of such a collaboration. Through this song, the artists share a musical journey that explores themes of ambition, personal growth, and the pursuit of success.

Mayorkun’s Rise to Stardom

Mayorkun, born Adewale Mayowa Emmanuel, made his mark on the Nigerian music scene with his versatile style that blends Afrobeat, R&B, and pop elements. Emerging from winning the DMW (Davido Music Worldwide) “Next Rated” competition in 2016, Mayorkun quickly gained recognition for his catchy melodies, relatable lyrics, and vibrant performances.

Victony’s Artistic Voice

Victony, whose real name is Victor Eghaghara, is a Nigerian rapper, singer, and songwriter. Emerging as part of the new generation of artists, he brings his unique perspective and lyrical depth to his music. Victony’s style seamlessly combines rap and melodic elements, setting him apart as a promising talent in the industry.

Unpacking “Holy Father”

“Holy Father” is a collaborative effort that brings Mayorkun’s melodious prowess and Victony’s lyrical finesse together. The song is a testament to ambition and the desire to ascend to greater heights. The artists share their aspirations and the journeys they’ve embarked upon, resonating with listeners who strive for personal growth and success.

Synergy of Talents

The magic of “Holy Father” lies in the harmonious blend of Mayorkun’s smooth vocals and Victony’s expressive rap verses. Mayorkun’s melodic chorus provides a catchy hook that sticks in the mind, while Victony’s rhythmic flow adds depth and texture to the track. The collaboration showcases the distinct strengths of both artists, resulting in a balanced and captivating song.

Lyricism and Ambitious Themes

Lyrically, “Holy Father” is an anthem of ambition and progress. The verses delve into the artists’ journeys, emphasizing the pursuit of dreams and the determination to overcome obstacles. Lines like “Holy Father, I’m coming / Lead me to the promise land” reflect the yearning for guidance and direction on the path to success.

Inspirational Message

Beyond celebrating ambition, “Holy Father” is an inspirational message to listeners who aspire to achieve their goals. The song’s chorus, with its repeated declaration of “Holy Father, we just dey come,” instills a sense of anticipation and excitement for the journey ahead. It encourages individuals to trust the process and keep pushing forward.

Energetic Production and Catchy Melody

The production of “Holy Father” is marked by its energetic beat, dynamic instrumentation, and infectious melody. The blend of percussions, synths, and vocal harmonies creates a vibrant and engaging sonic landscape. The song’s uplifting rhythm mirrors the theme of progress and mirrors the artists’ enthusiastic pursuit of their dreams.

Impact and Reception

Upon its release, “Holy Father” received positive feedback from fans and music enthusiasts alike. The collaboration between Mayorkun and Victony brought attention to the song’s motivational message, and its catchy and aspirational nature made it a hit among listeners seeking inspiration and encouragement.


Mayorkun’s “Holy Father” featuring Victony is a testament to the potential of collaboration in the music industry. The song’s fusion of melodic vocals and expressive rap verses, combined with its inspirational lyrics, resonates with listeners who appreciate music that encourages personal growth and ambition. As audiences engage with the uplifting energy of “Holy Father,” they are reminded of the power of music to motivate and inspire, driving them to strive for their own aspirations and dreams.