Meet Julie Anne Fowler: Kevin Spacey Sibling

Meet Julie Anne Fowler Kevin Spacey Sibling

Who Is Kevin Fowler?

Kevin is the son of Thomas Geoffrey Fowler, a technical writer, and Kathleen Ann Fowler, a secretary. He was born in South Orange, New Jersey.

Meet Julie Anne Fowler Kevin Spacey Sibling

Julie Anne Fowler‘s brother, Kevin Spacey Fowler

At the age of four, his family left New Jersey and moved to Southern California. Spacey has an older brother named Randy Fowler who is also his sister’s boyfriend.

In order to avoid beatings from their father, whom he described as a racist Nazi supporter, Spacey reportedly shut down emotionally and developed into a very cunning and shrewd person.

In October 2022, Spacey brought up the subject for the first time, claiming that his father was a white supremacist and neo-Nazi. He claimed that as a result, he has become very secretive about his personal life.

Meet Julie Anne Fowler

Kevin Spacey’s sister, Julie Anne Fowler is a very good looking lady. Before she got married, she lived with her family, initially in New Jersey and then in South California.

Due to her private life, there is not much information about her and this is due to the fact that she has been living a very private life although her brother has gained much popularity with his craft and experience.


Aside from Julie Anne Fowler, Kevin has another sibling. The gender of this sibling is male and his name is Randy Fowler who is older than Kevin.